Avatars or surrogates are already part of our reality

April 27, 2012 18:50

The scientists of the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne have developed a robot controlled by thought. Enough to wear a special helmet with sensors and mentally tell the robot to do anything. The sensors transmit impulses to the robot brain. While there is one drawback — the robot control requires your full attention. Once a person is distracted, the robot will expire.
"It's tiring, — said one of the patients the test — because you can not relax, no extraneous thoughts in your head should not be."

To circumvent this problem, the scientists have created a sort of "electronic subconscious", it has artificial intelligence that allows to follow the main idea, no matter what distractions.

For feedback to the robot have built in camera, which transmits to the screen before the man all that he sees a robot. In the future, this information will be transmitted directly into the brain, bypassing the monitor.

Discovery scientists will help paralyzed people to fully interact with the environment.

In 2009 came the film "Surrogates", where almost every inhabitant of the planet is a robot double, and without such a "second body" are considered outcasts. It seems that these technologies become our new — other — reality.

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