Avtukhovich made prosthetics in private practice

In recent days, there have been positive changes for the better in the issue of the treatment of political prisoner Autukhovich, which is on the "Volodarka."

Autukhovich right prosthetics.

Autukhovich in the detention center in Minsk visited dentists, said, "Freedom," the lawyer concluded Paul Sapelka. According to the lawyer Sapelka, doctors examined the teeth Autuhovich and confirmed that he needed urgent prosthetics:

"The result of this consultation was that I asked for the address of clinic where they can make a prosthetic Autukhovich. Today I visited the clinic and there was agreement on the operation of doctors. Hopefully, the prison administration would agree with the suggestion that it be allowed to clinics and, as promised, to treatment. "

The name of the clinic's lawyer Sapelka not say. We know that this is a private clinic, prosthetics there will cost a lot of money that has already begun to gather members of the public. Human rights activist Oleg Volchek suggests that the delay in the money will not be.

"The financial side of the question, I think, decide, collect the money quickly. The main thing that was good for prosthetics specialist, and it is all about technology. "

Entrepreneur Vawkavysk Autukhovich held in the Minsk detention center in February 2009. For this time Avtukhovich lost a few teeth, but, according to him, the treatment actually received. The prison authorities said that "Volodarka" no conditions for prosthetics, and ex-prisoners investigative prison recall that there is generally no teeth treated, and only remove. In May Autukhovich wrote a letter about the treatment of the teeth to the deputy head of the Department of Corrections, but, according to Autuhovich, this letter is not even out of prison. Then on June 16 Autukhovich went on hunger strike and warned that after 5 days if he did not arrange a meeting with a representative of the Department of Corrections, will begin a hunger strike. About fasting Autuhovich became widely known. Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich had to send for a meeting with the employee Autukhovich prosecutors.

Last week Autukhovich medical officer visited the council of the Department of Corrections Alexander Krasko and discussed with him how to hold a consultation and treatment. In response to these measures Autukhovich stopped the hunger strike.

Paul Sapelka"As you can see, while the administration insulator keeps its word: consultation with the Dental passed approach to treatment."

Autukhovich was accused of plotting a terrorist act against the former chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Savchenko and other leaders. The case was heard in the Supreme Court of Belarus. May 6 on charges of preparing terrorist attack and other serious crimes Autukhovich was acquitted, but convicted of a number of unregistered ammunition for hunting rifles. Many people in Belarus and in the world suggests that Autuhovich persecuted for political reasons. In particular — that he was taking revenge for the fight against corruption among high-ranking officials.



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