Azubalis: NPP at the borders of Lithuania spoil relations with Belarus

If Belarus will start to build a nuclear power plant near the borders of Lithuania, for decades it spoil bilateral relations between the two countries, said Friday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis, — the BNS.

"I, as a citizen of Lithuania and the Minister Foreign Affairs, cause for concern and is completely incomprehensible to Belarus' readiness to build a 50-km from the Lithuanian capital, power plant, about which there are a lot of unanswered questions (…)

This is the decision of Belarus, if it is realized, without a doubt, I can responsibly say for decades overshadow relations between Lithuania and Belarus will have an impact on the political agenda of cooperation, "- said in a diet A.Ažubalis public hearings.

The Minister says that he has a hope that "the current leadership of Belarus will hear and our commitment to live in a safe environment."

Addressing representatives of the Belarusian opposition and non-governmental organizations, A.Ažubalis argued that this issue must speak out and Belarusian society.

Recall that Lithuania criticizes plans Belarus and Russia to build nuclear power plants near the border with Lithuania. Lithuanian politicians worried about the reactors, which, according to them, to still not really tested. To still it remains unclear why the selected area near the border are not prepared plans in the event of an accident, ignored safety issues.

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