BBC News: What to do if you come in touch aliens

January 20, 2012 9:15

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If you believe the fantasy film, the aliens come to Earth, usually at a ridiculous oversight and reluctant to contact with humans. However, astronomers from the international organization SETI for years preparing for contact with extraterrestrials. What if the aliens really take to the connection? A question that British journalists RADIO COMPANY BBC.

Organization of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is now considered the most authoritative and respected international association, which is preparing for contact with alien civilizations. Its members (astronomers, physicists and other experts from different countries) are constantly monitoring the air and analyze radio signals arriving at the Earth from space.

 Scientists from SETI have access to the largest radio telescopes of the world, as well as supercomputers, which continuously analyzes the signals, which gives us the universe. Many fans of conspiracy theories shrug: is information about the "call" aliens is not a secret? No, for lead SETI astronomer Seth Shostak. According to him, the government does not make sense to hide something like: the more "fog" will be around strangers, the more interest they will attract. Moreover, he said Shostak, politicians, this information is not that interesting.
The astronomer said that in 1997, telescopes, we have worked with scientists from SETI, recorded an unusual signal. While researchers are processed, the press is literally breaking off their phones. But the authorities have completely ignored the news. Signal in the end it was false.
According to Seth Shestakov, there are no clear instructions on how to behave in the event that the aliens will come in touch. The only thing that should be done by people to make contact with aliens — this is a public announcement about it. Any other requirement or official secret, at this point.
SETI staff are working closely with the UN. Discussing the possibility of obtaining a signal from aliens, international experts have come to only one conclusion: it will certainly be answered. SETI experts believe that humans and aliens may be a common mathematics and physics. After all, if the aliens were able to send a radio signal to our planet, for sure they know how much is two plus two.
SETI organization was founded in 1959. Its experts analyze every unusual signature which captures their equipment. According to scientists, the decryption of each possible message aliens takes a week. All the time on it at the same time with more than a dozen experts from different countries.

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