Belarus rarely amuses the audience for new weapons and military equipment, because each occurrence of a new standard is befitting response.

Middle of May and the month of agency reporters «BelaPAN» managed to make some pics of the new armored car, built on one of the Belarusian companies. Unmarked car symbols and state number plates move on one of the highways in the car, accompanied with spetssignalami. This little «sequence» walking down the highway with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in the direction of Minsk. Reporter «BelaPAN» managed to make a few shots of the new successful armored car, before he retired and turned to another track.

According to the information of «BelaPAN» published photographs, mysterious armored unmarked characters is the latest development of the Belarusian defense industry. This armored «Bars», passing tests and preparing for the adoption. Other details about the car yet, and therefore make a world of it is possible only on a few photos. Yet, the materials available and allow to draw definite conclusions about and evaluate the potential of such an armored car.

Outside the car «Bars» recalls some similar purpose vehicles made in third countries. This may explain the similarity of the requirements for the car and one approach to their implementation. Thus, the relevant feature of all machines, similar «Leopard», you can calculate the high ground clearance, by which in some measure increases permeability. Like other armored vehicles in this class, has a brand new development of Belarusian-wheel drive system, which is well seen on some photos. Type the chassis, engine and gearbox is not yet specified. Put forward a variety of versions from the use of some of its development to procurement zabugornogo suitable chassis.

Combat weight machines «Bars», judging by the size, is in the range from 5 to 7 or eight tons. In this case, the machine must be equipped with the engine power, at least 200 hp. For comparison, the Italian armored Iveco LMV, having a weight of 6.5 tons, using the 185-horsepower engine can accelerate on the highway up to 120-130 km / h Belarusian «Bars», allegedly walked around the track at a speed of about 100 km / h, from which it can draw the appropriate conclusions about the engine and driving performance as a whole.

Property protection is also not disclosed. Existing photo shows only that the car «Bars» has a hull of assembled from straight panels and multilayer glass. One can only conjecture as to the level of protection of the materials used. Most likely, the strongest reservation details kept getting standard rifle bullets bronebroneboynyh 7,62 x54R. Armor-piercing ammunition such caliber, as well as mnogokalibernye bullets, armor may not suspend. Another mystery of the new armored car is mine protection. At the current time, due to temper wars of recent years, similar measures attached special importance. Maybe «Bars» resettled special armored bottom V-shaped. But there is no picture available to such detail as they say right on the presence or absence of such protection. Because the issue of protection from mines also remains open.

Own weapons «Leopard», of course, may consist of a machine gun or automatic grenade launcher. Right gun mounted on an open turret hatches in the roof above. Ehavshem on the track armored car arms missing, but inside the fuel was installed machine with duct for patrons. To keep the fire without leaving the reserved amount, the crew of «Barca» can use loopholes. These units are installed on all machines except the glass windshield and front side. Total armored car has eight closing loopholes inside: three on the sides and two in the rear.

Accommodation bronestekol and devices for firing a personal weapon, as a back door does not allow to draw conclusions about the assembly of the troop compartment. Judging from the battlements, the seats fighter to «Bars» are arranged so as to Russian and Russian armored vehicles and soldiers are sitting face to the sides of the machine. But the design of the rear door says about placing seats along the boards. Landing on the two front seats is done through the front side door on the place of the troop compartment — through the two side and one rear door. Dimensions allow talk about the armored car transport until 7 or 9 fighter, not counting the driver.

In the end, it is necessary to note the presence of large and possibly quite comfortable footrest under the doors, 2-winch in the front and rear of the machine, as «kenguryatnik» front grille, kitted network.

Noteworthy that this is not the first occurrence of «Barca» in public. Past photographs with this armored car appeared in 2011, when he had the opportunity to participate in a parade in Turkmenistan. Armored sold Central Asian country, different from not so long ago seen only Belarusian layout several outer parts. Maybe more actual differences, but both cars appearance varies slightly. The most perceptible difference Turkmen armored car was the presence of weapons. The open turret was installed NSV-12, 7 «The Rock». In addition, the turret is equipped with a shield, consisting of 2-halves. After the parade information about the Turkmen «Bars» is not received.

Again «Bars» appeared on the pages of the Belarusian magazine «Special Forces» (December issue for the year 2012). There’s a car, similar to what he saw in the midst of May, was used as an example of the art group «A» Belarussian KGB. Armored against which special forces soldiers were photographed, had the same lattice-kenguryatnik as car off the track, also was equipped covers loopholes corresponding beige. Gun turret and out.

So Makarov, even if the existing shortcomings of disk imaging can be read with conviction about the existence of at least 2-samples armored car «Bars» and the beginning of exports. Development of this project does not hit. Few years ago Belarus has already shown its own armored car «Ocelot» similar purpose. In addition, based on this armored car was made self-propelled anti-tank missile complex «Caracal» which can be armed with rockets desired type. In this light, the emergence of a new armored car «Bars» looks logical and expected. Belarus sees the need for light armored car technology and tries its own or with the help of international cooperation to close this gap.

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