Belarus is napavmytnay space of the Customs Union

Since today is effective Customs Code of the Customs Union "troika". However, the format of Belarus' participation in this structure is not yet delineated — in contrast to the Presidents of Kazakhstan and Russia, Alexander Lukashenko did not sign the documents of the Customs Code. The main obstacle — Moscow's reluctance to give up the duties on oil products for Belarus.

From Moscow officially report that the Customs Code became operational only in the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. In Minsk, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Andrew Yavdachenka today announced that form a common customs area "three" before July 1 failed. In an interview with the agency "Prime-TASS" Deputy Minister applied the following formulation: "Belarus is napavmytnay space of the Customs Union." The diplomat expressed hope that with its aspect of Belarus is determined 4-5 July in Astana, which must go through the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community and the supreme body of the Customs Union at the level of Heads of State.

Andrei Fedorov

Analyst Andrei Fedorov opines why Belarus has yet to sign the documents of the Customs Code:

"I think that the pause is pulled just because they hoped — Moscow will meet the Belarusian requirements. First of all, the removal of duties on petroleum products. All hoped — will not sustain Moscow and surrender. But for now, it seems, did not work. "

Meanwhile there is still no official confirmation that the National Assembly of Belarus ratified the Customs Code. The deputies did not confirm nor deny this, citing the secrecy of information.

Entered the order — they are ratified, received — not yet ratified.

Andrei Fedorov said that the importance of the ratification should not be exaggerated. In any case, the last word belongs to Alexander Lukashenko:

"Well, we know the situation. In fact, it and so it was in his hands. It is known what "huge" role played by our so-called parliament. Entered the order — they are ratified, received — not yet ratified. It is, in fact, the technical question of him. In fact, all remains as it is. "

Candidate of Economic Sciences Leonid Zlotnikov says: for the sake of their economic interests of Belarus should become a full member of the Customs Union:

Leonid Zlotnikov

"The point is. Because when implementing the Common Economic Space, which promise a year later the same price for all the input in it will be only for members of the Customs Union, which will be converted to a single space. And not being a member of the Customs Union, it is impossible to get a place in the same space. And there will be the price that Belarus enjoy. "

Today, at a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian government first deputy prime minister Igor Shuvalov said that Belarus and Kazakhstan will maintain their own modes of entry of foreign cars by individuals. However, in the territory of Russia can be sell only when paying fees.

From now on, thanks to the rules of the Customs Code, the citizens of Russia may import from abroad without fees not two, but three liters of alcoholic beverages. Also now for personal use, they can not bring in 35, and 50 kilograms of luggage. But for Belarusians saved the old norms — 2 liters and 35 kg.


Russian Customs Union

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