Belarus plans to create a new production cars are

This was announced by deputy head of innovation and investment activities of the Ministry of Industry Valery Fishman on May 12 at a press conference in Minsk.

He recalled that Belarus previously tried to implement a project for the creation of passenger cars, however investor "was not entirely successful." "Confidence in a wholly new project and now we do not have, but the market is the market, and it will entail for a corresponding production" — said Fishman. He hopes that the new project will be more successful.

On He said, Belarus needs to produce about 20 thousand cars a year to "were any prospect and profitability." It does not aim to provide the country with a fully production cars. "Most likely, It will be calculated on the market not only in Belarus, Russia and many other neighboring states. However, in the course of the project can be a lot of changes, "- said the representative of the Ministry of Industry.

As the Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus Igor Voitov, Negotiations on attracting investment in the project to create production cars with the representatives of China, Iran, Germany and Japan.

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