Belarus — the leader of the CIS in the rise in prices

Belarus ahead of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan in the growth of consumer prices, BelaPAN.

According to the National Statistics Committee, in April compared with December 2010 in Belarus, consumer prices rose by 10.9%, Ukraine — 4.7%, in Russia — 4.3%, Kazakhstan — 4.2%. In April compared with March in Belarus consumer prices rose 4.5%, Ukraine — 1.3%, Kazakhstan — 0.5%, Russia — 0.4%.

Food in Belarus in April compared to March rose by 5.5%, Ukraine — 1.5%, Kazakhstan — 1.1%, Russia — 0.3%. Most prices have risen in Belarus for vegetables — by 24.2%. In Ukraine, the figure rose to 6.8%, Russia — 2.3%, Kazakhstan — 0.6%.

Also rose strongly in Belarus oil — by 22.4%. In Kazakhstan — 1.3%. In other countries, there was a decline in prices for oil: in Ukraine — 0.8%, in Russia — 0.1%.

Potatoes in Belarus in April compared to March rose by 7%, Ukraine — by 3.6%. In Russia this product fell by 3.3%, Kazakhstan — 1.3%.

Meanwhile The Ministry of Economy of Belarus completely let go of the price of cooked meat products (in including sausage, sausage, blood sausage and livernyya), cold meats and smoked sausage, meat by-products, dairy products (except yogurt), cream, cheese products, cheese, and other dairy products. Also released prices for sugar, fish, canned fish, citrus fruits, bananas, — Interfax reported.

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