Belarus — Venesuela: Oil for businesses

The Company did not mention the price of oil, which is sold in his country of Belarus, but acknowledged that this is done on favorable terms for Minsk.

The address on the occasion of the national holiday in Venezuela, which will be celebrated on July 5, America's ambassador to Belarus Diaz Nunez stated: president Hugo Chavez sees Belarus as a very important ally, able to support the rapid development of the country's social and economic spheres. As a confirmation — a list of the industries in which there is close bilateral contact:

A joint production of oil and gas in the states of Anzoategui and Zulia, exploration, supply of crude oil to the Oil Refinery.

Erection by Belarusian specialists housing in the states of Aragua and Barinas, brick and tile factories in the state of Miranda.

Construction of plants producing cellular concrete, ceramic tiles, borders and insulation materials.

Increase of up to 2 tons per month supply of Belarusian milk powder to the Venezuelan market.

Starting in 2011 for the production of conveyor Belarusian tractors and heavy vehicles, the ability to build road-building machinery.

The reorganization of the territory of the military air base "Libertador" for the construction of an international airport and housing complex in the city of Maracay.

Ambassador Americo Diaz Nunez denied the opinions of the politicization of the Belarusian-Venezuelan relations and loss of Venezuelan oil tanker deliveries to Belarus:

"I want to point out that last year, appeared as a very different question: is it possible at all oil supplies to Belarus? As you have seen, it finally became possible. In This year, there is a new

If it was not cost-effective, then these supplies are simply not have been!

question profitable this business? The answer is obvious: if it was not cost-effective, then these supplies are simply not have been! It should be noted that this type of strategic agreements reached at the level of heads of state. We have similar agreements with other Latin American countries, where supply oil on preferential terms. But I would like to emphasize that it is also a gesture of solidarity, a gesture of support for the Belarusian people. Please note that this business, that relationship — very stable and cost-effective, since there are already plans for 2011, calculated on an even larger amount — 10 million tons of oil. So, I think it's a clear answer to the questions that arise about the feasibility of this project. "

However, to confirm the ambassador said the figures did not dare — they say that in every business there are trade secrets:

Americo Diaz Nunez shows where work Belarusians.

"Of course, there are certain trade secrets, which, however, eventually come to reality. So patience and calm — just calm. The only thing that can explain this situation: our actions — it is not the action of a monopoly, which wanted to impose their prices, their price conditions. As you can see, the oil tankers arrive, we are awaiting the arrival of new, as has already been said about the number of new tankers that we expect in July. But the fact is that it is a matter of trust. We do not want to gamble in this case. But the fact that the oil comes in Belarus processed and sold on foreign markets, taking into account the national interests of your country. That is I want to reiterate: Venesuela fulfill its agreement on their promises and support of Belarus. However, as Belarus supports Venezuela. "

Alexander Lukashenko has set the task of the government to leave by the end of the year at the rate of 4 million tons of oil supplies from Venezuela. However, at the current rate, this figure is unlikely to exceed 1.5 million tons. However, the Venezuelan ambassador says that the oil intensity of traffic can increase significantly.

Journalists interested in and information on the possible participation of Venezuela in privatizing Belarusian enterprises. For example, there were reports that in the near future Belarus plans to sell about 25% of their automotive giants — MAZ and BelAZ, which allegedly had her eye Venesuela. Estimated revenue from the deal — $ 1 billion. The Ambassador confirmed that such plans, but the result of a can be speak after the next meeting of the leaders of the two countries:

Venesuela really be involved in privatizing some Belarusian enterprises.

"Since last year, there is a project in which Venesuela really be involved in privatizing some Belarusian enterprises. The Belarusian economy has not experienced such a crisis, like the others, and we see that it is on the rise. And during a visit to Belarus President Chavez, who has already announced Alexander Lukashenko in the fall of this year, we think that they will come to some agreement on this issue. So far, they have not been achieved. But MAZ and BelAZ are on the list of enterprises that are interested Venesuela support. Frankly, there is not any information regarding the numbers, but the agreement is discussed. Specific agreements until there are no ".

In addition to the economic interests of Belarus and Venesuela demonstrate the unity of the political aspirations. In his opening speech to the head of Belarus Embassy of Venezuela states that found in the person of Lukashenka "sincere and reliable partner in the struggle to strengthen national independence in an atmosphere of full democracy, and social justice on the road to socialism of the XXI century".



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