Belarusian regime will not give

The Court of Appeal ruled in Lublin that Alexander K., owner of Belarus, will not be extradited to Belarus. The decision ends one of the longest extradition cases in Poland, according to «Dziennik Wschodni».

"End well. In the courts in Poland are working reasonable people, to distinguish truth from falsehood. Whole world knows that rights are violated in Belarus, there is no democracy, "- said the Polish journalists Alexander K.

According to the Lublin court in Belarus is not satisfied the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to a fair trial. Therefore, there is a suspicion that Alexander K. would be subject to political repression, as has happened to his father, who in 2004 he was Chairman of the Electoral Commission in Brest and refused to sign a fraudulent election protocols. Sam Alexander K. financially helped the Belarusian opposition.

The matter of extradition to Belarus Alexander K. stretches from 2007. The Belarusian side suspects him of cheating on the border: that it is on the basis of forged documents intended to transport goods across the Polish-Belarusian border without paying duties and taxes. According to the calculations of the Belarusian side, the entrepreneur has to pay 23000000 rubles duties and taxes. In 2006, the Belarus was issued a warrant for the arrest of a businessman and a request for his extradition.

Now Alexander K. has a business in Poland and lives in Biala Podlaska.

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