Belarusians have reminded vietnamtsam for help in the war

Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian veterans who fought on the side of the Vietnam War, his time with the United States were adopted in Hanoi Deputy Minister of Defence and a member of the Politburo of the Vietnamese Communist Party.

The Ministry of Defence representatives of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia thanked for longstanding support the Vietnam-American War of 1957-1975, where the then Soviet Union sent thousands of experts and military advisers.

The Soviet leadership in early 1965 decided to grant Vietnam's military-technical assistance. According to the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR A. Kosygin help Vietnam during the war cost the Soviet Union to 1.5 million a day.

"Today's visit was for the Veterans of Foreign occasion to see for themselves the progress that Vietnam has reached in the construction and defense of the country," — said the official Vietnamese press.

Independent media in Vietnam does not exist.

"We need to work together to fight the false views on human rights issues in our countriesah "- said Alexander Lukashenko President of Vietnam Nguyen Minh Triet during his visit to Minsk in May 2010.

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