Beyond Space and Time

May 10, 2012 21:13

Entrance to the underworld

Since ancient times, people were familiar altered states of consciousness. Sages, wizards and priests of various cults and religions reach them with specific spiritual practices. This provided great opportunities, not mere mortals …

"Time to Dream"

Australian Aborigines with magic rituals injected himself into a special state called "a time of dreams." In it, they feel as though outside of space and time, see past and future events that take place at a distance. Trans off they are objective and involves subjective taboo channels subconscious. A person who is normally well aware of that spontaneous movement in time and space — something impossible, during the "dream" forget about it, and therefore achieves the desired goal.

Of course, was unknown to ancient modern concept of astral travel. While in an altered state of consciousness, one is able to get, not only in the distant past, but in any point of space and time! This opinion parapsychologists.

Recall that tell people who have experienced clinical death. Many of them claim that there, "below", they waited for a meeting with deceased loved ones, and those brought before them in full blossom … Often, dying man sees his whole past life, frame by frame. The conclusion? Soul enters into the past. In his own past, which does not disappear, which remains in another dimension!

"Mirror clairvoyance"

It is hard to deny the possibility of contact with the dead. People often see ghosts, dead people hear voices, feel their presence. This could mean that the present and past meet, and we can, if desired, deliberately make contact with departed to the world of the past …

Psychiatrist Raymond Moody, author of the famous book "Life After Life", dedicated to post-mortem existence of the soul, more than 10 years engaged in research of the phenomenon of "mirror clairvoyant." Interest him numerous stories about the appearance of dead people in the mirrors. It turns out that in ancient Greece there were the so-called "psychomanteum" where customers consult with their dead loved ones, whose ghost they could see in the mirror. Moody had the idea to create something similar to the ancient Greek institution. On the top floor of an old mill in Alabama professor held a "mirror room", whose windows were tightly closed and shuttered. In the room opposite mounted on the wall was a large mirror seat, located at an angle such that the visitor can not see your reflection in it. The mirror reflects only the black velvet curtain behind the chair, on which background and comes.

The project involved people of different professions — lawyers, psychologists, physicians, and students. Dr. Moody asked volunteers are pre-set for the next contact with the deceased loved one. To do this, they were asked to view photos, touching things that belonged to the deceased, forget it … In the evening, at dusk, were taken to an experimental "mirror room" illuminates dim lamp. The man sat in a chair and relax, disconnect your brain from all the stranger. After that, he began to stare intently into the surface of the mirror. In the next room assistant on duty, ready to help in case of emergencies. After the experiment was carried out with guinea long interview in which he talked about the incident.

Half of the subjects reported that they had seen in the mirror of their dead relatives and talk to them. However, some of them tell us what they saw there not those who want to meet — they were completely different people, often those who "client" connects any incomplete, but significant relationship …

Cosmic Voyage van Gogh

Now quite common regression technique of hypnotic suggestion, in which the man, "Go" in the past. In 1977, the American psychiatrist Bruce Goldberg managed to send his patient Francesca … as much in the future! The woman said that her name is Tia, she lives in the XXVII century anthropologist by profession. Tia studied a colony of former humans who settled on the asteroid around Mars …

Speaking of astral traveling to other planets … Recently, astronomers noticed that the landscape sky photographed telescope "Hubble" near one of the distant stars, very similar to that shown in a painting by Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night." And in the picture, and the images show the same form of the heavenly bodies and swirling dust clouds. True, the artist used the blue paint, and the photographs dominated red.

And no matter where Van Gogh see all this? After survey was conducted in the constellation Monoceros, approximately 20,000 light years from Earth. Painter, according to one version, painted the Big Dipper, on the other — Aries, under which he was born, as well as Venus and the Moon. Now, a new hypothesis. I do not Have to go to the Van Gogh space travel? If so, then most likely, in a dream or trance state.

Entrance to the underworld

There are anomalous and sacral area, where there is the effect of "loss of reality", which bears probably purely psychological. Thus, in the ancient city of Derbent found a mysterious cave, which, according to archaeologists, is none other than the legendary Bab al-Kiyama (Arabic — "Gate of Judgment Day"). This is all that remains of the ancient mosque of the tenth century. Ancient Sufis claimed that this is the entrance to the underworld, and you can hear the voice of God …

Maybe we are all theoretically capable of penetrating the veil of space and time? But not all know how to use this gift?

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