Biofield death. It can be fixed on the film

January 27, 2013 1:06

In Arizona Paranormal Society researchers received a letter from some of Fred Leutera. The writer, an engineer, an electrician, had served in the Department of Corrections Tennessee. In his letter, Mr. Leuter report unusual phenomenon, which he had witnessed in 1980.


Tennessee state law allows for the death penalty. Usually emit sentenced last breath on the electric chair. Twenty-odd years ago, Fred worked technical support equipment required for execution in a prison in Nashville.

In 1980, the prison authorities had intended to replace the old wooden chair, having served for more than forty years, which have passed away dozens of brutal murderers and rapists. New electric chair, made of plastic, has a modern design and improved performance, can achieve the desired results faster to save convicted criminals from unnecessary suffering.

As is known, the electric chair, American know-how, invented in 1889 by Edwin Davis, prison electrician. For the first time the invention was used for its intended purpose August 6, 1890 in Aubernskoy State Prison in New York. Such a penalty is still considered the most humane. However, there are cases where the convicted person comes on or died in agony because of insufficient voltage or other technical deficiencies.

To replace the old with a new chair and was caused by an engineer Leuter. According to the existing tradition in the state in the new chair must be built into a piece of wood from the old. This rule dates back to the XIX century, when criminals were hanged. The first electric chair was inserted into a piece of wood from the gallows. It was believed that this kind of baton, some mysteriously protecting the jury from making mistakes.
According to the rules before you disassemble the chair, it should take a picture. To the surprise of the prison staff and officials were present during removal, the photographs clearly showed blurred outline of a human figure, seated in a chair.


By the time the photos were developed, the old wooden chair is removed from the pedestal, but, fortunately, not destroyed. The prison governor ordered again to photograph it. This time, the prison staff photographer will shoot the criminals usually arrived to serve his sentence, use a digital camera, the image on the computer monitor.

The result was repeated. Transgressed the assumption that the path in the first picture was taken, or defective development unit. Invited criminologists. Specialists once photographed chair. Analysis of the images allowed us to determine that all the pictures are outlines five figures — the contours of the bodies of people of different build and height. Unfortunately, the features of their faces are not etched.

The first version was this: in the photo somehow etched executed criminals. The prison authorities decided to burn the old chair and disclosed a strange frightening fact. A piece of wood from an old chair, as expected, has been inserted into a new plastic chair.

Leuter kept for himself one of the photos. Not having the right to take out of the building documents, Fred went to the conscious misconduct. After twenty-three years and being retired, he decided to share the information with the researchers of the paranormal. Leuter, like his colleagues, made at the time the word not to disclose the secret, but did not sign any commitment.

Ralph Stone, an active member of the Arizona Society "paranormalschikov" went to Nashville to talk to Leuterom. He could not think of anything new, except the facts stated in the letter. When asked to name the Stone of others who have dealt with a strange phenomenon, a retiree said yes, but asked not to refer to it. Thus, Stone has found two former employees of the Department of Corrections Tennessee.

One of these people refused to accept the fact that he had seen the unusual images with contours of bodies. "Whoever came up with this nonsense, had read any nonsense about the souls of the dead and all that," — answered the question about the pictures, former warden. Another man, who asked to remain anonymous, admitted the fact that he had seen pictures of the old wooden electric chair with the contours, resemble human body: "Yes, I had these images in their hands, and I swear to you, they are proceeded sepulchral cold as from the Crypt" .

Fred Leuter agreed to pay at the time who had his shot Arizona "paranormalschikam." It was important to establish whether this is not a fake. Joseph Eastman, was researching the photos, found that she apparently made in the eighties. This can be seen on the paper. Light circuit is not applied to the photo, and had been on the negative. That is the true picture. True, one can not say whether or not the picture captures the electric chair, in which people were executed. Remains to believe Leuteru word. Unfortunately, the officials refused to talk about it.
Well, Ralph Stone and his colleagues have a reasonable explanation for the unusual.

The fact that the aura that surrounds every living person at the time of death throws bundles of energy. It is these clots depicted in the photographs. When a person dies of a sudden illness or during the accident, these clusters are not very intense. When a person knows what is about to die, as occurs during the execution, the release of energy reaches colossal force. We can say that the photo etched embodiment of human horror and pain. For some unknown reason, these bundles of energy invisible to the eye is not resorbed over time, so many years later the camera was able to capture them.

A similar mechanism operates when people suddenly feel the moment of death of someone close, being from them, even from a distance. The energy released into this moment dying, reaches a loved one, as they seem tuned to each other.

Author: M.Bukk
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unbelievable »№ 24 2012

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