Black magic is the mausoleum-Ziggurat

September 30, 2012 11:40

In January 1924, the founder and leader of the dead Bolshevik state — VI Lenin. After talks with Vladimir Zbarsky Dzerzhinsky had decided to initiate the embalming. Where did such an unusual idea? What is behind the strangest monuments built during the Soviet era?

The official version states that after the death of the leader of the Kremlin flood of telegrams and letters with requests to leave the body of a great man incorruptible, preserving it forever. However, no such letters were found in the archives. The common people are offered only to perpetuate the memory of Lenin in the grand structure.

Already on the day of the funeral Ilyich — January 27, 1924 — Red Square a strange building, the mausoleum was once conceived in the classical form of pyramid ziggurat — the occult structure of ancient Babylonia. The building was rebuilt three times, until in 1930 did not get finalized.

Next to the mausoleum in the Kremlin wall was arranged cemetery prominent figures of the communist movement. Around the mausoleum was established post number 1, and the ceremonial changing of the guard has become an essential part of the state attributes. Visited the mausoleum of at least 110 million people.

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