Black myth of the Russian danger and Russian occupation

Black myth of the "Russian threat" and the "Russian occupation"

Why the West needs the myth of the "Russian threat" and "Russian occupation"? The answer probably is true that the West needed an "enemy image". Moreover, willful and stubborn enemy, who for centuries offends adjacent small nations, and many to this day holds in captivity. In the mass of a variety of American movies, we learn this way of the enemy — in the main these are Russian, the North Koreans, Iranians, Arabs, Serbs, Chinese, etc. But the most highly popular image — is Russian "Mafia", "terrorists", "agents" Russian kooky "military dictator" or general trading "nuclear secrets" and other Russian "Orcs".

Often enough bad images are woven into the thread of Russian paintings unnoticed. Take for example, Gavin O'Connor's sports drama "Warrior" in 2011. The movie is generally good — appeals to family values (brotherly and fatherly love, the love of family), to the development of the properties of the favorite, fortitude, perseverance, courage. But the passing of a massive show of Russian fighter "Koba" (from the standpoint of the images is very symbolic that this is one of the aliases of Stalin). Moreover, the kind of fighter obviously Negroid features tracks down the type that perfectly characterizes the "Russian barbarians" from the East. Of course, that one of the main characters overcomes the "Russian" fighter.

It is necessary to note the semantic attack on American filmmakers of the band: KGB — embedded in the locality U.S. agents. So, in 2010, on the topic released movie "Salt", where the plot is centered on the operation of the Soviet-Russian agents embedded in the U.S. intelligence services. In 2011, the topic raised in the movie "Double Agent".

This is a real information war, which year the year are against Russia and the Russian people, turning in Russian "agents", "terrorists", "criminals", "prostitutes", "crazy war", "bloody dictator" and other orcs.

In this war, and freedom-loving intellectuals involved in the former post-Soviet republics. For more than 20 years (started in the years of "perestroika") hysteria about the "Soviet (Russian) occupation." In a number of states have opened "a museum of occupation", where every guest is our eyes can behold the exhibits of various "artifacts" on the topic of the "horrors of the Russian occupation." On a person having weak luggage knowledge, and taking into account the widespread incidence level of education in the former Soviet republics, such are increasing, these materials can produce a depressing memory. Especially love to lead such a museum tours for pupils, students, providing information on the impact of immature brains of young people. It is not necessary, because surprising that in a number of republics youth set up openly Russophobic.

But if you look at the facts of history it becomes clear that we litsezreem another "black myth." "Occupation" (from the Latin. Occupatio — capture, occupation) that this was not. So, part of Georgia became part of the Russian Federation voluntarily in 1801 in the capital of Russian Empire considered the appeal of the king of Kakheti and Kartli ZHoru XII to take it to the land of the Russian government. In addition, the first such requests were made in the 16th century — in 1586, the Georgian ambassadors thrashed brow Russian Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, that he "took their people in their allegiance and helped their life and soul. " By estimates of Russian historians, Russian Empire, beating Georgian land of the Persians, Turks, defending against attacks of the Caucasian mountaineers, has lost a total difficulties, about 130 thousand people. More to the topic can be found in the Military Review article, "What's forgotten in Georgia."

In Georgia, the situation with the issue of "occupation" has gone so far that there is not only open a museum of occupation, and destroy the monuments to the heroes majestically Russian war, as it was to the Memorial of Glory in the town of Kutaisi. In fact, the Georgian authorities to deal a blow to the historical memory of the Georgian people, who made like other Russian peoples, their own contribution to the defeat of the Third Reich and the Nazi world order. Georgian rulers have embarked on an all-out russophobia and stories presented during the Russian youth, as one of the worst in the whole history of Georgia.

Is it clear who occupied our homeland in the Ukraine. A process of reunification of Russian land that has been torn away from her. One of the steps of this natural process was glad eminent Pereyaslavskaya 1654, when a significant part of Ukraine was reunited with Russia. And then the big areas remained under the rule of Poland and Austria. "Ukrainian people" and then actually do not have to be Russian in the Russian country and the Russian living in the occupied Poles, Hungarians territories. "Ukrainians" and "Ukraine" came up in the Vatican, Vienna, Cracow, in the late 19th to the 20th century This idea was supported in Berlin, the West in general, realizing the importance of this operation to split the Russian people.

The same lack of clarity — the question of the "occupied" Russian Baltic states. This territory under the terms of the peace treaty of Nystad in 1721 defected to the Russian State from Sweden. Russian Baltic was not only on the law of force, and on the basis of agreements since, in addition, it is also purchased.

Well, the act "Russian and Russian occupiers" some weird. "Invaders" is not carried out massive plunder the occupied territories, genocide, complete destruction bulk of the Aboriginal and pen remains the natives on the reservation. Instead, the retained local government, the town was built, ports, develop education, science, and helped create a national intelligentsia, equipped with modern amenities in every way "captured" area. "Russian occupiers" killed Georgian, Estonian, etc. culture and identity, and support them in every way, even cultivated. How to behave in the real occupiers perfectly clear in the examples of history: we know how to behave colonizers of North, Central and South America, the Caribbean islands. Remember that the Germans got up and their henchmen in the Russian territories.

So what's the need in the black myth of the "Russian occupation" and "Russian threat"?

In-1's, the West did and support the image of the enemy "enlightened humanity." The "orcs" and "bad people" is much easier to otymat Russian Arctic, Russian Siberia, Russian Far East when the time comes. Russian civilization — is the main enemy of the western New World Order, which has already built more than a century. And the stronger our homeland, the more pour kerosene on the fire of the information war, the fiercer Russophobe hysteria.

In-2-x, so makarom act on the brains and hearts of the people of, bring them cosmopolitans, haters of their own country.

B-3, chips from the Russian civilization of its integral parts — Minor and crisp white Russ, small na
tions whose destinies are linked with the fate of Russia's super-ethnos. Bring up their political elite, young people hate of, completely possible that they are used for a war with Russia (as the Ukrainian Nazi war in Chechnya or August 2008).

B-4, distract attention from their own acts and atrocities against the population. For example, the British Empire had killed so many people that Adolf Hitler — it's just a junior student, compared with the English butchers.

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