Blooming decoration property: minor features

Flowers in ancient times people decorated the house, giving a festive and elegance. Nice to create a bouquet of wild flowers in the kitchen, a luxurious violet in the nursery or the freshest roses on the dining table in the days of home celebration … But the freshest flowers are short-lived, because many housewives are trying to breed houseplants that are fun and eye summer and winter.

If you decide to have flowers at home, first inquire yourself what purpose you do it. If you want to decorate the house with flowers, then absolutely not necessarily raise a lot of plants to plant quite a few, but those that they were expressive in shape, brightly colored, long-flowering and one word answer your intentions.

If you want to make a collection of any color, for example, cacti, it is unlikely that will manage several plants. For you, of course, will be curious to enrich its collection of new species, learn about geography, botany and physiology of these plants nainteresneyshih. After all, there are about 3000 species, and they are very diverse. When they bloom, then by the beauty and the smell can be successfully compete with what though, even the most luxurious indoor plants.

In the end, many at the moment, especially city dwellers, to try to bring the natural surroundings make in your own apartment like Japanese gardens, the different compositions of house plants, stones and pebbles, imitating the natural sites.

At least some "garden" on the window probably will for you satisfaction, because each plant — it is a whole world full of surprise, as all living things. And, like all living things, it is going to require a lot of time and care. Sadiq house train you and that is especially important, your kids holy treat all living things. From time to time small enough to put a bouquet on a coffee table made of wood and all around almost bloom.

Most of the indoor plants are natives of the tropics and subtropics. Some of them love the heat and humidity of the air inflated, but the others are demanding to sunlight, but well tolerated defect of water and organic matter in the soil. With these biological parameters and the overall decoration of home and need to pick up plants. Strive to ensure that every plant received the right amount of light, heat, and create beauty and comfort in your premises.

On the windows, facing south, is best yourself feel light and heat-loving plants — cacti, aloe, Aucuba, balsams, gloxinia, oleander, jasmine, azaleas and roses. Not bad lighting adore all variegated plants (with the missing light, they rapidly lose their brightly colored contrasting colors). This — butylene, aspidistra, flower, Tradescantia, sansevera etc.

In rooms with windows facing north, enough shade-tolerant plants grow well — aspidistra, asparagus, dracaena, ferns, palms, begonias river, ivy, spiderwort and tsiperus. Most of the indoor plants can normally carry all the air temperature is certainly not below 8-10 ° C, but there enough thermophilic, such as begonia river, gloxinia, palm trees, lemons, coleus. For a normal development and growth it requires a temperature of 15 ° C and above.

Feeding colors — a fascinating but enough troublesome matter that requires some knowledge and abilities, for people keen and inquisitive should refer to the literature on gardening, which you will learn how to raise and decorate the house, creating an atmosphere of comfort for all family members.

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