Bobruisk: UCP activists protect independent media

More than two hundred activists gathered signatures Bobruisk branch of the United Civil Party, under the requirement to cease harassment of independent media in Belarus. According to the head of the party organization Victor Buzinaeva one hundred seventy signatures have already been sent by registered mail Information Minister Oleg Pralyaskouski.
"We attract collecting signatures people's attention to the problem of harassment of independent media before the Belarus authorities restrict freedom of speech and the press. At the same time, we want to support independent media. How babruytsav subscribe to the "People's Will" and "Nasha Niva"I can not say for sure, but I know that these newspapers are bought. Especially not lie in the stands. Evening, it is very difficult to buy them. If the publication will be closed, people will lose their sources of uncensored information.'s Why we carry out the action. It is perpetual. The signatures will be sent as it is collected, "- said" Freedom "Victor Buzinaev.
In Bobruisk results economic sanctions from the government went bankrupt independent newspaper "Kurier Bobruisk." Now it is only on the Internet on the same website.

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