Border guards get imagers of «Warrior»

Border guards get imagers of
Thermal modules will be tested in the surveillance cameras at the border

Outdoor security camera on the basis of thermal imaging equipment belonging to the «Warrior», will be transferred for use in the test Border Service. Border guards must determine exactly where the cameras installed — this will depend on a range of modules and the size of the devices.

Imager developed CRI «Cyclone» (comes in holding «Roselektronika» state corporation «Russian Technologies»), aired on tests in municipal troops may find application in the protection of the perimeter boundaries. On this «Izvestia» said Advisor to Director General Oleg Yakovlev CRI.

— Almost guards asked us to modify existing camera «Tawny» on this camera were comments that we cleaned, and she passed the state tests. But it is designed for a huge range — about 6 km, with some parts of the border and to protect objects do not need such range, need 200-300 m, — said Yakovlev.

Currently guards determine what areas need to set boundaries on the basis of thermal imaging cameras. Developer ready to provide the same technique with suitable parameters — CRI «Cyclone» is ready range of thermal imagers, from ship to the cooling units with a range of definitions of 6 km to the portable battery-powered modules for optical sights.

— As of today, the Border Patrol while extensively used only hand-held devices. First we supplied them in the Caucasus — which makes sense to put a huge camera when gorge 200 m wide and still did not really uzreesh when the mountains around. There you can put a small camera. On long stretches of the border, for example Kazakhstan, need a big range. When the procedure will determine the border protection, we will be prepared to present options — explained Oleg Yakovlev.

Modification of the thermal imaging camera for the Border will carry the title of «muti». Now autofocus camera on the outside does not differ from vserasprostranennyh surveillance systems. Institute task is to choose a good lens for the camera, the final form of the device will be determined after the Border Patrol management decides where exactly it will be installed.

Oleg Yakovlev explained that, having developed technology of thermal imaging modules, there is no need to start new development activities.

— Module uniform in all cells. When there is a set of cameras that do not need to start developing — much easier to change the camera under the terrain, this is happening in the world. Range determined by the focal length of the lens, we choose the lenses and offer options — said Oleg Yakovlev.

Interlocutor «Izvestia», adding that in the production of electronics for military and special services necessary to fulfill the development and well-established mass production.

— We must submit design documentation to show that in some places we had not purchased items and reassemble the camera. «On the knee» of finished parts to assemble the device can anyone, but who can guarantee that tomorrow he will be able to repeat it. And tests — is proof specifications, — said Oleg Yakovlev.

Editor in chief of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor Murakhovski believes that border protection is needed specifically imagers see the offender as they can using under all weather criteria.

— For Border Troops imagers needed exactly, as they allow for the smallest temperature contrast defined as people or animals, and equipment that can be used for illegal crossing of the border. Thermal sensitivity allows you to find the trail on the water from passing vessels — such trace can hold up to 15 minutes, — said Victor Murakhovski.

The need for thermal imagers in particular on the high plains of the border areas, where they are especially effective. Altogether, according to the views of Murakhovski such cameras will need a few thousand.

— They need a few pieces to the frontier, they should be equipped outfits and control tower guards and mobile means — goes quite a great need for several thousand units. In particular, they are useful for controlling the border of the Central Asian strategic direction where the border several thousand kilometers is not equipped — added Victor Murakhovski.

The expert also said that at this point, the Border Guard Service has hardly Russian production of thermal imagers, but Our homeland has overtaken Western countries in the production of uncooled thermal imagers on matrices.

Besides thermal imaging modules in these cells can be implemented support television image. According to the CRI «Cyclone», the combination of 2-image can make an order of magnitude better accuracy in determining goals. In addition, paired with the camera locator can work that will need to flatlands.

— Locator works when there The moving target: he sees it, our camera back is turned, and later already looks operator — is a man or beast. There are cameras in one case where both modules installed, you can lay down the image to get an integrated picture, which has more disk imaging — said Oleg Yakovlev.

Transferring images from the camera can be held in different ways: the developer is ready to offer as a signal transmission on the digital channel and analog to a wired connection via twisted pair and a radio signal. The final decision on this will be taken depending on the difficulty of installation and assembly.

Tests of thermal imaging cameras «Muti» in the border areas is planned for 2014.

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