Border guards have caught Bigfoot — Yeti. Video

December 28, 2011 23:04

Border Troops FSB in Ingushetia in the forest district of Ingushetia Jeirakh caught a strange two-meter-like creature Bigfoot. On this, as "Interfax", said the Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Republic Bagaudin Marshani.

"A few days ago in the area Jeirakh hunter saw the bear grabbed the sheep and dragged into the woods. The hunter went after him, fired several shots, after which the animal jumped on two feet and disappeared into the woods. Today, the border guards conducted a sweep of the area, and in a small valley is a strange animal, "- said Marshani.

According to him, caught being brought to the zoo, located in the subordinate rest house in the village of Surkhakhi Nazran district of Ingushetia, said

"I can tell you that an animal like a gorilla, about two meters tall, dark in color, presumably a female, is very large. Usually relies on the front gorilla hands, and that stands upright like a human. Roars and produces strange sounds, "- said the Minister.

According to him, the animal is very frightened, eats mostly meat and vegetation.

"Some people say it is Bigfoot, others — that the great apes, but to be honest, I did in my life seen" — shared Marshani.

According to him, usually in large gorillas are long and massive arms. And this animal hands are short and it is like a man on two legs.

"As far as I know, a few days into the republic from Moscow to visit specialists and take this strange animal," — said the head of department.

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