Brave Russian soldier

Year 2008, summer

Tell the world about yourself paratrooper Novel Ganchenko, by nature mild and timid, did not immediately agree. Well, tell that special? He was born, studied, served, was wounded. How many similar stories in our constantly warring country? 10s, hundreds, thousand? Do not just listen to the stories of these guys. And what they have received languishing injured or disabled, to live? Flegmantichnom to live in someone else's misfortune society.

While stuck in a car in a traffic jam on dushnovato broad highway in the center of Novorossiysk, my guide, a veteran of the airborne forces, senior warrant officer's Stores Yuri I. Lakatos read about themselves and about the acquaintance with Roman:

— Served in the 97th Parachute Regiment of the 7th Airborne Division. Communication was a sergeant in the New Year storm severity. He was awarded the medal "For Courage". Since 2002 — in supplies. At the moment I work in the Maritime State Academy of Ushakov commander of secondary vocational education. In this group are educated men who come to study after serving in the army.

In December last year, I was invited to the academy to talk with students about the military service and war veterans chairman of the local organizing Airborne Arcadia Yegorov. When the conversation turned to the wounded and injured, Arkady Borisovich said that not long ago he was approached sergeant's Stores Novel Ganchenko, lost his sight while serving in SFOR peacekeeping force in the area of the former Yugoslavia. Egorov asked the guys to assist Roman. Naturally, we went to meet him and agreed with the management of the university to grant him free access to the sports hall of the Academy.

From January to June, my three activists in turn helped Roma to get to the gym and engage in athletic gymnastics. Roma became noticeably slimmer and uninhibited, made friends with the guys. They're only five or seven years younger than him. Communication is in favor of the Roma displays a closed space, making him more confident within themselves.

In the summer the students to practice in the seas. A gym is being renovated. But the way out is found — we brought Roma dumbbells and established the Swedish side of the house. Until September, he work out without the help of others, and then he would go to the gym.

In general, I like Ganchenko. Well done young man. I met all sorts of people with disabilities. Will you come to another co-worker, so you meet drunken face. But the "face" immediately starts to bend his fingers, "I need it, then it is!". You say, look, and I myself am nothing, except how to turn off the vodka, do not want to, because I — invalid! Roma dating for six months, nothing ever asked, never complained about his fate, never whined.

Roma something reminds me of my former subordinate, gunner BMD Rinat Kaveeva. He was a good warrior and just an awesome guy, I'm sorry, do not have it adresochka, certainly cherkanul to the letter. Rinat bravely went into battle, a very good shot, even NIGHT MODE small folds in the window with the first shot got. Yes, all my soldiers in the war of the lazy and sleepy, "skulls", as they were in parts, reincarnated in excellent fighters.

In war, the paratroopers of the 7th Division was distinguished duty, responsibility, obligation. Your attitude, loyalty to comrades, responsiveness to others' misfortune they surprised many in Chechnya. On the first call, they threw everything and raced to where needed. And had to share everything: the last cracker and a sip of water, and dry foot wraps, and wood, and, importantly, the combat experience and information. With such a commander, as Colonel Alexander Protchenko, fighters and would not be naive dolt, whom in Chechnya, to be honest, too, was missing.

Lakatos was silent. Wrinkles on the forehead went up and down. Yuri Ivanovich turned to the window, breathed deeply and soundly.

— It seems to spring came, and the wind was nasty. By morning already. I lay, wrapped in a jacket. Suddenly runs into the tent fighter, "There it is, ladies!". Went to investigate. It appeared to me in the company to the Terek Ridge came two mothers of soldiers. Walk all night with the Khankala stomped. Dressed in rags, tools dime, well, the passports they had not selected. Fed mothers gave duds that we could find, and sent a warm wash in the bath. Here and one of the sons returned from scouting. Tears of joy and hugs. I remember this lady, all the offspring stroked his back and repeating, "Thank God those, alive!".

A few days later the column was to Khankala planted ladies on armor, goodbye. And they thank me, but weep for yourself, "Do not wonder, not guessing that sons have to fight a war. In a terrible dream, not beheld that under our old age happens to live in mud huts and even take a bath under the ground! What is life like that! "

Mother fighter — the holy lady!

The smallness rode in silence, looking at the beautiful green city under the whisper of the radio so everyone thinking about their own. Later Lakatos a 2-word story sketched bloodless capture of an enemy sniper in the area as the "Caucasus", which is not far from the palace Dudayev, later praised the company commander Yuri Suhinina under management "and ran through all the rigors of four months," told of offspring — Ruslan is under contract to one of the teams GRU.
On radial motion finally broke out of the tube. A total of 5 minutes, and we have in place.

I press the call button the front door.

The door opens sporty young man. Back straight, shoulders broad. Smiling firmly presses her hands outstretched:
— Come on. Glad you create!

The studio apartment spouses Ganchenko clean and comfortable. I was very happy. In the apartments of many disabled people had to go. You come, and there is a yoke blue smoke hanging not weathered any drafts and deodorants fume smell, urine and sweat. Yesterday's fighters, broken life, losing faith in themselves and their future, drink too much, are converted to the homeless.

Went into the room, met with Tatiana, the wife of Roman. Army photo looked, found a common acquaintances on Yugoslavia, discussed the historical literature. He likes to listen to audiobooks.

Roman Ganchenko: — Born in Novorossiysk July 10, 1979. We have a big family: grandfather, mother of four younger sisters! Three of them are married. Ill just live at the other end of town, rarely see.

When he graduated from 9th grade of high school, he entered the radiokolledzh. But needed the money. Wage mother was not enough. I had to take a sabbatical and get a car mechanic at a cement plant.

In December 1997, was drafted into the army. Lucky, led to the 7th Airborne Division. In Dmitrov, in a teaching, specializing in dog handlers. Came back to Novorossiysk, where until the spring of 1999 he served only a few kilometers from home. Then, after two months of training in Ryazan, has signed a contract and departed in the SFOR peacekeeping force in Yugoslavia.

5 months engaged in mine areas, which only recently were fighting action. Work terrible, but we were well prepared, because rapidly getting used to the surroundings.

Found unexploded bombs and grenades were recovered from the land mines and improvised explosive devices, small arms collected weapons and ammunition. Why not just digging! Across the PCA, the German rifles and sawed-off shotguns since the second world war! Then he was taken to find the "treasure" in the suburb of Tuzla and in an old TV tower destroyed. Also for the defeat handed
to us unused ammunition from the local army stores. Of all our team were killed about 20 thousand minutes!

December 14, 1999 was a day as usual, according to the plan. But in preparation for the destruction of explosives seized from the local population, when virtually all of the collected ammunition we got to a giant funnel, spontaneously came into effect an anti-shock mechanism grenades cumulative actions of the Yugoslav production. Explosion. My partner, Andrew Zamula, a native of the village of Starotitarovskaya Krasnodar Territory, who was holding a grenade in his hand, he died on the spot, and I have received multiple shrapnel wounds. The officers who were standing a bit higher, sustained minor injuries.

I immediately lost his eyesight, but remained conscious. Different thoughts in my head spun. But to live each hunt long and happy life, and I believed in life. Later, in the hospitals, he was rescued from suicide two people — a soldier and an officer. I Orthodox, and I know for sure: people helping out is not a church or a powerful cross on his chest, and the true faith!

Destruction, blood, wounds, entered into a stupor of some commanders. But the alarmists swiftly brought to life fighter Shamil Gasimov. Thanks to his activity have been evacuated from the place of explosion and was taken to the base area — Surf City. There's a shot, and I forgot myself. Woke up in the South American military hospital. I was operated on and the German civilian clinic and hospital in the South American NATO, which is located in Germany. It turned out we did not have any special medications, nor sufficient criterion for operations in sight. Thanks to South American and German doctors, they were able to quickly put me on my feet! Yes, the medical staff treated me very well, with a good heart. And my interpreter NATO members have provided. Tried does not offend "the brave Russian soldier."

January 3, I was taken by plane to Moscow, the main clinical hospital named after Burdenko. A month later moved to Khimki. In May, returned to the division in Novorossiysk.

He was awarded the Order of Courage medal "For strengthening military cooperation" and the Gold Medal of the Republic of Srpska "For Bravery". Merit was presented to me Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Jora Shpak.

In June 2002, Jora Ivanovic helped me in getting this apartment. He pulled on some nifty ranks, and the command of the division hastened the decision of my housing problem. His dwelling place — it is very principle!

In the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Volokolamsk, which hosted the course of treatment and rehabilitation package tour of the All-Russian Society for the Blind, where he met with Tatiana. She arrived to study at the center of Kaluga hold of me, remember. In 2001, I took her to discover in Novorossiysk, and that's almost 7 years, we have shared. And at the center, for almost 3 months, we have been taught to read, write, navigate with a cane, cook. Held a concise course economics. Developed new abilities for me.

At the moment there is no special problems. I do not need medicines, but from the resorts I refused. It is better to receive a supplement to the pension as compensation for giving up benefits, than to have the benefits, which is not necessary.

What really does not lack is communication. The only method of communication at the moment — the phone. Call friends of Association of the Blind and a couple of classmates. And yet … And that's not coming out for a walk by. Everywhere machine, just not the way to go. In the case of critical situations get to the meat shop can not, and then — nothing. Since that time, I had lost sight, the city has changed very. Excellent, cadets from the academy were taken to the gym from time to time taken out for a walk on Preserving the sea. And I remember the sea and the mountains: beautiful … I look forward to illumine, I hope, men will continue to talk to me.

— We would have to find a computer somewhere for Romance — says Lakatos. — There are in fact special program for the blind, and with which you can work on your computer, and write letters through the Web.

— Ivanovitch, I know — Roma holds his hand through his hair — we're with you through social protection jointly tried to kick something — a computer "talking" walking stick, some special appliances, but to no avail. Politely explained to us that in order that the government had a real help at first to get a map of vocational rehabilitation. Means to collect the documents certifying the disability and the presence of problems arising from it, to go to Krasnodar, where again go VTEK, and then stand in line in need of assistance in social protection bodies at his residence. But I have at the moment of the first group of disability. Unlimited. If you receive a map of vocational rehabilitation, I was transferred to the category of disabled workers. Write: "The first group, the second subgroup," in other words, is available to work in a specially made criteria. This means that I will cut seriously retire as "work." I ready to work, I want to work! But we have all over the Krasnodar region do not have these accidents "specially made conditions". There are no specialized institutions.

It turns out a vicious circle: I will provide assistance by cutting pensions. What can I get this "help"? Come and wander in Krasnodar, stand in line, take a commission VTEK have every couple of years. My wife particularly at such a pension scheme and cut, identifying it to working.

— A social protection authorities I am grateful for the fact that social workers visit us, as it should be twice a week, helping to purchase the products, small household solve the problem. Thank you, without them, it is absolutely nothing! More help us with Tanya Shkodik, our cat. It is worn around the apartment, fun, uplifting …

We said goodbye with Roma, promising to return soon …

Two weeks later, on July 10, strolling with his friends on a visit to the Roma, congratulated days of the birth of his … and Tatiana. After all, that's destiny: the days of birth in one day!
Tatiana, received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, buds held by hand, inhaled the scent of freshness and warmly smiled

— Lily … my favorite …

And yesterday received another pleasant announcements. Last week we met with the mothers, children were killed in an undeclared war. They decided that they would visit the family Ganchenko, Why cook-nibudt walk, walk, and of the advice of experienced ladies of the household had not harm the young.

Director of the sports club hosted a 2-steps from the house of Roman, a request for allocation of a month of free lessons athletic gymnastics at his club responded positively. Now the veteran intelligence Sergei Belov, who lived nearby, leads Roma to the gym and helps in training.

Responded to journalists from the television TVC. Thanks for that cameraman, New Year party assault severity, SAUSHKIN Alex and his team. Without the hype and superfluous words they filmed, produced and scrolled in the news story about a family Ganchenko. The plot of the fighter, which not broken and legs to stand on. Roman namesake, now living in the United States, litsezrev report on satellite television, has written a letter inviting dialogue.

Veteran "winged infantry" Andrew, known in military Web sites as "Captain of stock" from the far Severodvinsk, congratulated the coming days of the Roman Navy and donated computer equipped with a special program for the blind and visually impaired. Work, soldier!
The world is not without good people, and — life is just beginning!

Year 2012, winter

We visited again visiting family Ga
nchenko. Talked and got acquainted with Arina, the daughter of Roman and Tatiana.

Arina, who is about to turn three years old, attentive and severe, as if an adult woman, and plays so as not to interfere with discussions and mot its inserts, weighty, where necessary. Shaped as letters and numbers teaches, is preparing to enter kindergarten, where she was promised is about to make a daddy's friends.

— Optimism, positivity and eagerness to be happy with all my heart, the desire to live, not live a life that's what I felt, shaking Roman hand.? — Lieutenant Colonel Igor Rodionov, sharing ideas with me, looking me in the eye. Look at the combat commando fast, strong. — Not able to work, needs constant care — such a conclusion issued by Roman commission appointed by the disability. But did not consider 1st: you can not force a person what he longs not for themselves. Ganchenko not longs to be impotent, because enjoying life and their daily behavior tells us healthy, that our life is what we make of it yourself. Sami.

I notice hazing stripe on his uniform of lieutenant colonel: "God is with us and two parachutes," and he said, catching my eye, adds:
— Luck is no one falls from the sky, happiness volume work produced with his own hands, brother. With God's help …

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