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The road to Sakhalin iron will

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The decision to create and railway crossing from the mainland to the island of Sakhalin can be taken by the federal government in May. As conceived by officials funding design work could begin in 2013-2014, the construction itself — in 2015. The minimum cost of the project — 400 billion rubles.

Topic transition was discussed at a meeting of the interdepartmental working group composed of representatives from the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development of the Khabarovsk Krai and the Sakhalin region and JSC "Russian Railways". As the Deputy Prime Minister Helen Sakhalin Ivashov, has received approval from the municipalities of Sakhalin and Khabarovsk Krai, which will take place on the territory of the 580-kilometer railway. It will connect the village Selikhino near Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Nysh village in the north-east of Sakhalin. It is assumed that the road will go to the north of Khabarovsk Krai and come to Cape Lazarev, bordering the Strait of Nevel. Here, at the narrowest point (12.7 km), separating the mainland and the island, and will be built railway crossing. What will it be — a bridge, a tunnel or a dam bypass channel has not been decided. However, given the cost of the project — at least 400 billion rubles.

According to Elena Ivashov, the working group to prepare a report by May to the federal government with the justification of social and economic needs of the project. "This must be done so that when the budget for 2013 funding was provided for project work in 2013-2014 with a theoretical output option for construction in 2015," — said a representative of the Sakhalin government.

At the meeting of the working group confirmed the decision to link the Sakhalin to the mainland only by rail. Earlier, the Far East envoy Viktor Ishayev proposed to provide for the transition and the movement of vehicles. "However, the issue of road traffic removed from the agenda, because it is difficult to ensure the appropriate flow of goods. At the same time, designers will be encouraged to develop a temporary road for construction so that in the future it could become the basis for road traffic between the island and the mainland ", — the press-service of the Sakhalin government.

Earlier in the Sakhalin administration said that the main load will move the coal cargoes, but you need to lay the railway approaches to the fields, in particular, on the west coast of the island. But this project is estimated at more than 100 billion rubles., Stalled. So today, coal miners to build export their products to the island are going to develop port infrastructure to attract foreign investors. In early April, at a meeting of the regional legislature Investment Minister and Foreign Affairs Catherine Sakhalin Kotov said that Samsung will invest in the development of the terminal in Uglegorsk $ 50 million South Korean corporation has acquired a stake in the port and have already started cooperation with the Russian co-founders of the reconstruction of its hydraulic engineering and infrastructure.

To download go Sakhalin and the mainland proposed the idea of transit Asian goods. At the meeting of the working group dealt with the possibility of establishing rail link between Sakhalin and Japan. Perhaps not exclude Elena Ivashov, the issue will be raised at the summit of APEC in Vladivostok in the autumn of 2012. However, the experts about this idea with skepticism. "We know that rail service in Japan are involved mainly for passenger services" — reminiscent of the Far East Institute of the Navy. At the same time, says deputy chief engineer of the Far Eastern Railway Vladimir Krivozubov, the development of production is possible only after the formation of transport communications, "Investors who cheated their projects, take into account in the calculation of the presence or absence of infrastructure, including transportation."

Current news about the bridge crossing the Sakhalin-Japan-Europe can be tracked online

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