Briton found in the snow mysterious orange frogs

January 27, 2013 6:19

UK resident Steve Atkin clear snow outside his home when he saw a bright object sticking out of the snowbank. Man examined his find better and realized that before him — orange frog.

"When I saw the orange thing, I thought it was a toy, accidentally dropped by someone of the children. I bent down and held out his hand, when the subject of intense color jumped aside. I had to bend over to make sure — in front of me is a live frog, "- says a surprised British.

Atkin put amphibian in his pocket and began to scatter snow hands to see if in the snow the other animals. As a result, searching for a man found three orange frog.

"I shouted to his wife to bring me a bowl of water and helped save them. Wife did not expect to see in my hands like animals. She asked me, where did the frog, but I do not know the answer to the question "- smiles Steve.

Brit, puzzled over the cause of mysterious animals, tried to learn the opinion of experts: a man sent images of frogs experts in Derbyshire (county in central England.) But biologists have not been able to give a sensible comment, saying: "We are puzzled."

This answer did not satisfy the curious, Steve, and he wrote an identical letter with photos Manchester professionals amphibians. "Judging by the pictures, it is the African clawed frog, sometimes sold in pet stores. We are concerned by the news, because the presence of alien species can harm wildlife UK. At the moment, we find it difficult to see how the amphibians found in the snow "- read the message, composed expert Chris Wood.

"Unfortunately, one of the four frogs died, but the others are in good health. Now I needed to find a host animal, "- says Atkin.

But the reader of one of the tabloids suggested that amphibians have been released from the laboratory.

"Xenopus Laevis were brought to the UK — in the past they were used as pregnancy tests. Frogs were injected subcutaneously with urine of women, and if it contained a significant amount of human chorionic gonadotropin, the female began to spawn. The invention of the better ways of pregnancy, scientists, apparently tired of keeping useless animals "- wrote one of the participants.

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