ByNet in a new format: real — in the virtual

Since July 1, the new rules take effect for the Belarusian Internet — BYnet. Will the Belarusian Internet users start work in full accordance with the presidential decree "On measures to improve the use of the national segment of the Internet", which determines the degree of responsibility of one and provides absolute "transparency" of the other?

Sensational decree number 60, which is still perceived as a close perspective, it becomes a reality. Standard document, according to his recital, has the following main objectives:

— Protecting the interests of the individual, society and the state in the field of information;

— Creating the conditions for the further development of the national segment of the Internet global computer network;

— Improving the quality and availability of information about the activities of government agencies and organizations provided to citizens.

Also, before July 1, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must ensure that certain categories of transition to the use of information networks, systems, and resources on the territory of Belarus, and Internet service providers — state registration, which is done by the application principle by the Ministry of Communication and Information and authorized organizations. First of all, the State Inspectorate for Telecommunications (BelGIE).

In turn, ISPs are required to back up and at least 5 years to store all user account information online, and to request relevant government agencies — to filter traffic and restrict access to the "seditious" resources. Needless to say that all of this requires market participants additional costs — to improve the technical basis for the storage of information, interesting primarily for the security services.

One of the first challenges to the implementation of the presidential decree was the procedure for registration of sites in the state register — said telecommunication inspection. Of the approximately fifty thousand sites Belarusian residence legalized — well, when several thousand. All unaccounted for from tomorrow will be outlawed. The director of one of the largest hosting companies «Extmedia» Maxim Savchenko says that he is not even with someone finally asked for the "deviants":

"We capture those customers who responded to our mailing list asking for additional information. With clients who have recognized that they are not suppliers of Internet services, probably more than half of registered. There are clients who reported that they had Internet service providers and commit to register their own client base.

Many clients who have not responded to our newsletter to ignore it. In fact, we do not know what to do with them.

But a lot of customers who have not responded to our newsletter to ignore it. In fact, we do not know what to do with them. That is, of those who did not respond to further questions, and so we can not register them. We have in front of these clients have a duty to: publish their websites. The site should be operational. The current law does not spelled out our commitment to could disable this site on July 1. Although some hotheads from the Ministry of Communications and the Operational and Analytical Center argue that this is what we have to do, but we are not absolutely guarantee our legal defense in this case — from claims of our clients who we can get. So there is real uncertainty. "

One of the most pressing issues — whether the decree number 60 used as a tool of political struggle with dissent? The representatives of the democratic virtual environment, at least, it does not exclude. Coincidence or not, the editor of the popular website "Charter 97" Natalia Radin exactly 1 July cause the investigation department of the prosecutor's office of Minsk. Befitting a pretext — a professional involvement in the specified site.

Natalia Radin believes that the decree Interactive unleashes security officials, who can now rotate them for the rich:

"Yes, obviously. The fact that I was summoned to the prosecutor's office in the investigation department of Minsk is July 1, shows that the authorities in a hurry, since before the presidential election is very little time and it is likely that they will be used for the month of February. And as of tomorrow's decree comes into force Lukashenko about the Internet, they decided to immediately start a little pressure on independent journalists. I regard it only as a pressure on freedom of speech in Belarus. It is obvious that the authorities want to destroy the popular independent online resource, and it is obvious that this pressure is accomplished due to the fact that Andrei Sannikov announced his intention to go to presidential candidate. "

Reporter"What is it that the official motivation of the call to the prosecutor?"

"I was told that this call has nothing to do with the criminal case in which I pass the witness and that was instituted under the article on defamation of the KGB. And the call is connected with the fact that they have information that I am the administrator of the site "Charter 97".

Meanwhile, the online community has already managed to "recapture" some absurd claims by the regulatory bodies. First of all, the Ministry of Communications and Information under massive pressure to abandon the idea of mandatory registration of all e-mail boxes. Second, BelGIE finally abolished initially announced a fee for re-registration sites — according to experts, the blue state institution could earn about $ 300 million. But the request to simplify the registration process, or even discard it as "meaningless," came the answer in some cases, the registration authorities will be informed by the unique number of the taxpayer. As they say host, now they just have to duplicate the normal business of the executive committees:

In fact, we duplicate that database, which are executive committees. Why this duplication — hard to understand.

"The idea is that we have actually duplicate the functions of the executive committee, which maintains a register of all legal entities and the unique number of the taxpayer easily to you, as well as any state authorized body, and tell about the legal address and the names of the director with a term of office, and so etc. But as to what Internet service providers to report all this to keep the database current, to spend the efforts and, as a consequence — to bear the additional costs? We do not understand this. But, in fact, we duplicate that database, which are executive committees. Why this duplication — hard to understand. After all, it's an extra burden on us, the extra money spent, effort. It's all fun and no one is needed. In short, definitely not become easier. "

One of the declared goals of streamlining the Belarusian Internet — the gradual elimination of the monopoly "Beltelekom" in the market of telecommunications services. Having a single host has led to the fact that the cost of Internet access for Belarusians remains one of the most highest in the world, and many smaller providers who have struggled to compete with the "Beltelecom" is simply bankrupt. However, with the revolution in the Internet market suggested to wait until the end of the year — say, when they finally manage all your suggestions. Meanwhile, according to software engineer Igor Makhanek, cheap online — the main stimulus to the activity of potential users. Igor himself has the opportunity to really compare, as it works in Zurich, the Swiss office of Google:

"I can not communicate with the initiatives of the Coun
cil of Ministers price, etc., but the fact that the price reduction just easier for people to access the Internet and, as a result, more people will be able to use the Internet and will be — is, I think the obvious thing. And if there are more companies that, in addition to "Beltelekom" will be able to arrange for access to the Internet, then the competition is in itself lead to lower prices. As a result, more people will be able to use the Internet, so users will benefit from this. However, this is just what is the reality of European countries. "

Although online community is just starting to live in the new decree on the Internet, innovations cause the Belarusian Internet users have a lot of questions.



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