Captain Cook. Obsession and discovery / Captain Cook. Obsesson and discovery watch online

Captain Cook.  Obsession and discovery / Captain Cook.  Obsesson and discovery watch online
Captain James Cook — one of the greatest explorers in history. For some he was a hero, for others — a villain.

series 1 — Chosen fate

James Cook, a child was very stubborn, he saw the sea and decided to become a sailor. Cook received a certificate of assistant captain. First Seven Years' War, James enlisted sailor in the usual royal navy. After the war, compiled a map of Newfoundland and the coast of the peninsula Bimbo Scotland. Their accuracy and detail provided him a reputation as an experienced surveyor and cartographer at the Admiralty, and a royal geographical society.

Series 2 — Taking command

James Cook assigned to lead the most important scientific expedition to the Pacific to observe the transit of Venus across the disk of the sun and calculate the distance from Earth to the Sun. On the ship "Endeavour" he swam safely to the Pacific Ocean. There he opened a new island.

series 3 — Refuting speculation

First expedition James Cook was incredibly successful. He brought a map of New Zealand and Australia — 2-colonies of the British Empire. Cook was given an audience with the King and was promoted to commander. Then he went back to the search of the southern continent. This time, he commanded the barque "Rezolyushen." During the three years of swimming James Cook went further than any of his predecessors, deep into the icy expanses of Antarctica, shattering the myth of the existence of the majestic southern continent.

Series 4 — North-Western path

North-Western path is long remained a mystery. What was the northern coast of Canada? What was at the North Pole? On the ship, "Rezolyushen" James Cook went on his third expedition. He sailed along the coasts of Canada and Alaska, passed the Bering Strait crossing North Arctic Circle and moved to 70 ° 44 'north latitude, where he was stopped by solid ice. Turned south and reached the Hawaiian Islands, where he was killed in a skirmish with the natives in the Bay Kealakeakua.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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