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After a stroke, can persist for a long time, movement disorders (hemiparesis, hemiplegia), speech and other functions. Restoration of disturbed functions is slow, so patients who have undergone insult, require special attention and careful care professional. That, unfortunately, is not always present in urban hospitals.

In the acute phase of the disease must place emphasis on the prevention of respiratory distress, pneumonia, and prevention of bedsores. Necessary turn the patient every two hours position on its side. Of great importance are obschegigienicheskih event: care care, daily wiping disinfectant dries.

The patient should wash away daily. If you are using a ship or duck under them put oilcloth topped diaper. Incontinence can be and convenient to use diapers, but if your patient is under constant supervision, moisture absorption is better to use disposable diapers.

It is also necessary to monitor the oral cavity, to prevent it from drying or mucosal injury.

When feeding the patient or his seat lifted his head, depending on the state. In the event of swallowing reflex to special feeding techniques (typically, tube). The food should be easily digestible, fortified.

Need to constantly monitor the work of the intestine, if necessary, put a cleansing enema.

Of great importance is position the patient in bed. Since the stroke develops a characteristic change in muscle tone, necessary give physiologically correct position of the body, especially the affected limb. To this end, the hand splints are used, cut from plywood, covered with cotton and bandage. The hand should be to straighten the elbow, fingers unfolded and spread apart, palmar splint is applied to the surface and is fixed with a bandage to half the forearm. The leg should be bent at the knee joint to 15-20 degrees, is enclosed under the knee roll, foot flexed to 90 degrees and should have focus. The patient should be rotated and laid in such positions every 2-3hours.

In the future, these patients are in need of physical therapy, massage in the affected limbs. When the speech of infringement — in speech therapy classes.

The process of restoration of disturbed functions in patients undergoing insult, can be very long. So be patient and merciful to them. Caring, kind careit is absolutely necessary.

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