Case H. The investigation continues (April 2013) Full Movie

Case H. The investigation continues (April 2013) Full Movie
A strange phenomenon happened in the house in the village of Forest Ostroukhova Astrakhan region. Stepan Ostroukhov knows, I saw a spot of blood on the floor, and later began appear whole puddles. Blood appeared in various places in one scenario: first heard hissing, later this place bubbles and boils up blood flew in different directions streams.

Added issue: Home, weeping blood. (01.04.2013)

Mystic millionaires: mortally dangerous. (02.04.2013)

Horoscope maniac and his victim (03.04.2013)

Nostradamus: The spring will not. (04.04.2013)

The Case of the mystique of diamonds Galina Brezhnev and Zykina. (08.03.2013).

Disease to order: melting boy. (09.03.2013)

Wonder starving. (10.03.2013)

Secrets in orbit. Never mind the astronauts? (11.03.2013)

Undercover death of Dyatlov (15.04.2013)

The Case of the sun. Do I need to prepare for a disaster? (23.04.2013)

The case of the mysterious letters of the disappeared. (22.04.2013)

Thunderball: animal habits (24.04.2013)

Case H. The investigation lasts — a serial

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