Cats do not die

October 19, 2012 17:09

Not all people without prejudice to the mind can exist in the anomalous zone. However, there are animals, only on the ground that can easily exist in such areas. Cats anciently considered magical animals. There is a legend that they are returned after the death of their masters.

Cats feel at home even in geopathic zones and see the world, hidden from human eyes. Cats kept the house from intruders from another world, and sometimes even death. Cats do not die.

Curious phantom cats

Once upon a time in England, lived a cat. When her owners go on holiday, then gave her cousin the cat — the cat lady's sister.

Once on holiday, during dinner, the hostess cat felt favorite rubs under the table on her feet. The feeling was so pronounced that she even told my cat a couple of gentle words, not realizing that he was thousands of miles away from her. The whole family stared at the woman. After the incident was forgotten.

But to return from leave home, the family learned that their beloved cat died. Moreover, died on the day and at the moment when "appeared" under the table with his good lady, from natural curiosity — to see where her loved ones and what they do. Checked — and disappeared.

Kongltonsky cat ghost

In a small English town there was one extraordinary story. Two women walking in the ruins of the old abbey, saw a snow-white cat, with an important air resting on the table. Women immediately wanted to caress and fondle groomed animal, but had only to reach out, the cat suddenly leapt into the air and disappeared. Women looking for a cat around, but did not find anything.

A few days later, on the same spot, the women saw the cat again. He showed no share of aggression, but when you try to pat again disappeared.

A little later, during lunch at a local cafeteria, old waitress told the story of the cat women. She knew immediately what was going on, and even said that it is the time you can see the ghost. And the story itself was as follows. Very many years ago, the Abbey keeper loved that cat and took care of him, but once he was gone. Upset abbess long sought favorite animal, has not yet decided what it will probably come upon some misfortune, and the search is useless. However, a quiet evening, he heard a low voice scratching at the door. Delighted abbess opened the door, and saw on the threshold of a pet, but the cat in an instant disappeared into thin air.

Since then, for many years in a row, at the same time, different people meet kongltonskogo ghost around the abbey.

Phantom savior

Story takes place in the distant year 1947. When a woman — a doctor came to Ashgabat to work in their field. She lived in a small hut on the outskirts. The only furniture house stood an old iron bed.

It was scary and lonely in the poor house. And then, she took in a stray cat, black, from nose to tail. Cat gratefully looked at the woman and answer her maximum devotion and affection. One day a dark night, crept into the house scary snake. Cat, protecting her mistress, who selflessly gave her and destroyed, but at the same time, she suffered from the bite. Unfortunately, to save the cat failed.

A year after this incident, she was awakened by her cat meows, painfully familiar. The woman got out of bed and began to look for the cat. Meow hostess led to the street, in the courtyard of the house. And then, something terrible had happened: in one second, like cardboard boxes, the house collapsed, burying the debris all artless furniture and things housewife. Thus began the famous earthquake of Ashgabat, which killed more than a hundred thousand people. So grateful cat saved the life of her good hostess.

Vindictive avenger

Cats differ excellent memory. And their phantoms — is no exception. I want to believe that no cruelty to animals to humans (if "it" can be called a man) will not be tolerated. This will be the next story.

In a mountain village, was equipped with a "social club." On the organization went bad name. People spoke about the brutal entertainment and orgies of the community, which they carried in a hunting lodge on the outskirts of the village. Bastards attacked people and tortured defenseless animals, traditionally, the most gullible and weak who fearlessly approaching people. One night, drunk in the community were beaten to death another homeless cat — and so began the history of the phantom — a ghost. Unfortunately, resentful ghost did not answer the offenders (the people he basically did not touch, just scared), but only sixty years later, found himself in the house.

Couple bought a house in order to arrange an abandoned house and then equip an art gallery. Stories about the cat — phantom, who was seen in these parts, not scare owners. For this northern country such stories were not uncommon. And, soon, the house began to make repairs. Terrified workers performing repairs, vied with each other to tell the owners that the house was something strange going on: their own doors open, heard strange noises in the silence, and the worst thing arose phantom strange black cat.

Some time later, a local painter, worked on the interior of the hall, suddenly heard an angry cat hissing. Appeared in the doorway cat silhouette and, after some waiting, moved to the side of the artist. Terrified artist ran away from home and came to life only in the distance from this place. And after the house went on strange things heard on the hosts — at night the doorbell ring at the door was not, by itself turns the light on and, just by itself could go out. Once in the morning, the hosts saw torn upholstery on the sofa and chair were altogether separated into small pieces.

After phantom — phantom transgressed and paintings. Cat tore works of art in small bands and no other artist did not want to exhibit their work in this gallery.

Only after the hosts turned to the priest, and he spent the rites of purification, the ghost phantom stop worrying new owners of an old hunting lodge.

Ghost cat-avenger

Another story, passed on by word of mouth. Unfortunately, as it has almost no details, just general information from the locals. The story tells of how one of the flayers was fair retribution for what he did. The fate of the second of them is not known, but the good people believe that he did not see happiness in life.

Thus, two students from St. — Petersburg, in their free time, decided to have fun lessons. All that they had the good sense — is to pick up the unfortunate homeless cat other than good temper, and experiment, dropping the animal stairwell, from the height of the twelfth floor.

Without a moment's hesitation, so did they, then, became a proud going down, evaluate the result of the work done.

The animal slowly faded, but was still alive. In his view, it was possible to read the dumb question "Why?", But these issues on — essentially always remain unanswered. However, it knackers have left no chance of life and inspiration finished off with sticks, showing off to each other. It would have ended this story, as thousands of similar stories of cute children and their amusements, but in this case, the rotation was somewhat unexpected.

Two weeks after the accident, fellow students stood on the platform of one of the railway stations waiting for trains. Train methodically knocking wheels closer to the platform. And then, at a distance of about ten meters from the school, there was a phantom — a ghost, a replica of the cat, over which brutally humiliated two weeks ago, these children. They did not have time to squeak like a phantom, strode toward them, and the size of the ghost increased with each successive step silent cat. Approaching a sufficient distance, the hunter phantom fell to the ground and made a decisive leap to one of his attackers. Force jump was enough to push the student standing on the platform directly under the wheels of an approaching train.

True if all of these stories — you can argue endlessly. But be that as it may be — they need people, good and bad. Perhaps because the stories did some people become a little more kind, or, at least, will get fear as a deterrent to their actions. Other people — in a cruel world, where sometimes lawless impunity will regain faith in justice.

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