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April 10, 2012 15:31

Change of name affects the fate ofIt is not always our true name, or the name given at birth, coincides with the passport. This happens for a variety of reasons, and can not influence our destiny. And there are people who deliberately change its name due to some circumstances. What does it lead to? Let us listen to the opinion of parapsychologists.
For example, the belief may well be on the passport Veronica. Agree, sounds completely different! All Veronica and even Nicky — a woman with a difficult temperament, they have a lot of complaints about life. Name, so to speak, obliges! That's why parents, giving her daughter a beautiful name, and prefer to call it simply Vera. Fewer problems will be!

Similarly, Maria, Maria, Natalia, and Natalia, Sofia and Sofia — two different names, but differ by only one letter. All women with a name ending in-s style, ambitious and often tend to be creative and bohemian lifestyle. Those who have names ending in-D, more "grounded." But, if the call Maria, Natalia and Sofia just Masha, Natasha and Sonya and their "bohemian" features may not occur. Maybe it's for the best …

Sometimes people want to change a name. Female, married, usually change her maiden name to her husband's name. Subconsciously, we hope that it will change our fate. But in fact, the new energy or last name only "applied" to the former. The result is something third. And it is not always beneficial to the destiny of man.
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So, young man, Oleg decided to take the name of his uncle, whose name was Yuri. Uncle wore the same name and was a very successful man. Yuri did not have time to get a passport, Jr. with a new name, as in his life began a series of failures: in the game of volleyball, he suffered a serious injury, failed the exams to college and, finally, was nearly under the trolley … Before the young man changed himself name, nothing like it did not happen. Obviously, the new name "did not stick."

Caution should be aliased. Unfortunately, the show business dictates strict rules, and any light on the stage, Doe did not shine. Another thing, if it suddenly turns into Viola, Marianne and Angela!

Let's say you have found your "right" with the name of any directory, to learn about what will happen to the owners of certain names. But it is doubtful whether any of these books were written, as far as your nickname is compatible with your former, the "native" name. This can be determined only on bio-energy expert, and even then not everyone. Open secret: the best "stick" the names that resonate with "native" Ludmila and Lucien, Catherine Catherine, Irene and Irene, Helen and Eleanor … If the name of "not your" it is unlikely that you will succeed at whatever you any field. Especially if you use a pseudonym constantly.

Do not forget about your date of birth? Do you think in this data sheet are all right? The author of this article had to meet at least two dozen people who have been wrong with the year or a birthday, or they did not know exactly when you were born! Passportist or wrong, or a mistake made on purpose.

Sometimes, the mother asks you for a later date his son was born, that he "later went into the army." Or female crook itself reduces the age, because she has a young fan … Will play hide and seek with fate?

First, your astrological data that will not change. Suppose you have a document in black and white that you were born on February 1, which means you Aquarius, but we, you and I know that really you were born on January 15, under the sign of Capricorn! Accordingly, you are characteristic traits of Capricorn is, and not the Aquarius. By the way, sometimes people do not realize, and being born under the sign to which they are "credited". If your character traits are manifested not peculiar to your zodiac sign, try to find out, not whether to change the date of your birth

Second, if your birth date is incorrect, then you are in a sense, do not live your destiny. Therefore, you can not fully the gifts that you have prepared fortune. Because everyone in this life meant a place, and you get, took someone else's.

What to do if your document is written one, but in life fell another? It is advisable not to hide the real name and birth date at least from those with whom you communicate in an informal atmosphere. It is also recommended to call his true age. If you hide it on purpose, remember that fraud is likely, sooner or later, will reveal.

However, it is only your own business. But if you go to the reception to an astrologer or a specialist for biomass energy, it is necessary to identify all the data correctly because of this can literally depend on your luck!

Diana Merlin

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