In psychology, the term "character" is treated uniquely. Especially when there is a question, in what respects the character, temperament and personality. Some believe that the character is equal temperament, the other that character — It is synonymous with personality, others argue that the very identity — is a specific part of their character.

In the narrow sense of the word character is defined as a set of stable property rights, which are expressed in the ways of his behavior and methods of emotional response.

How to distinguish character the personality and temperament? Analysis of everyday terminology shows us that these are three very different things. Thus, for example, adjectives used to describe personality and character, completely different. About character say, heavy, light, soft, compliant, gold. About the same person — an outstanding, creative, gray criminal. In the history of the great well-known people with bad character: it was a difficult character in Dostoevsky, a sharp temper distinguished physiologist Pavlov. But this does not prevent them to become outstanding personalities. In other words, the difference between the personality and the character of that nature — that's how the man, and identity — is something for which he acts.

The characters are distinguished by clarity and wholeness. People with a certain character is dominated by one or a few distinct features. In people with an uncertain nature, they expressed very poorly.

Whole characters are characterized by the absence of contradictions between the goals and the realization of the activity itself, the unity of thought and feeling. A person with contradictory the nature of beliefs and activities are at odds, there are incompatible thoughts and feelings, goals and motivations, desires and motivations.

In the structure of nature, two groups of traits. The first group are those that reflect the relationship between man and reality — the relation to others, to work for himself. The second group of strong-willed character traits are traits: dedication, determination, perseverance, self-control, etc.

Psychology Section, whose task is to describe the types of characters, called characterology. The first work in this direction contained a small number of types. So Jung, for example, there are two main types of character: extroverted and introverted. Over time, increasing the number of types: for example, Gannushkin described for 7 types of character, Leonhard — ten, Licko — eleven.


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