Charles Tanak: Belarusian regime deserve contempt

Charles Tanak (Charles Tannock), British representative in the European Parliament, is one of the sponsors of the draft resolution, which the European Parliament has today take on Belarus.

Before the vote Tanak expressed our radio correspondent in Brussels, the estimation of Situation in Belarus:

"I must admit that I am personally very disappointed because I gave before the election arguments in favor of Belarus calmly and quietly take in the Euronest [Parliamentary Assembly of the" Eastern Partnership "- PC]. I saw that the isolation and self-isolation of Belarus from the West and the EU means defeat for this country. I got a very strong assurances from the Belarusian ambassador that once everything will be different. But, unfortunately, Lukashenko, who remained homo sovieticus for many years, had turned the course of events andbehaved as some had predicted. He isbehaved brutal manner, and began the persecution of all opposition, which is unacceptable for the European rulers. Now, I fully support the sanctions, and I believe that the regime should be treated with a great deal of contempt. Regime made some positive changes, but he stepped back a few steps back. "

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