Chavez scolded Clinton for the danger of the Russian Federation and reported total victory over cancer

Chavez scolded Clinton for threatening Russia and reported total victory over cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez criticized the Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, "threatening" the Russian Federation and China, reports Univision.

"We have seen the obvious danger from the Secretary of State in the address of Mrs. Russian Federation and China. Tipo they will have to pay dearly if they do not do what they need to. You understand? It is clear, open the madness on the part of those who consider themselves masters of the world "- said Chavez on Mon at a specially convened press conference in Caracas, which lasted more than 4 hours.

With all this president Venezuela saw Clinton should address the problems of the South American nation, which, in his opinion, "abound." "Problems in the United States quite, but they (the South American government) wish do (In Syria) is the same that they have created in Libya, "- RIA Novosti quoted him as saying" Announcements ".

As explained Chavez in Libya "to destroy thousands of" to "destroy (Muammar) Gaddafi." "And now they want do the same in Syria and threaten Iran, "- he singled out, adding that the Cuban favorite Fidel Castro has warned" about the severe threat of nuclear war. "

Recall, on Friday at a meeting of the "Friends of Syria" in Paris, Clinton called the "intolerable" that our homeland and China continue to block the progress of international society, aimed at changing the situation in the Syria, and called upon all countries to punish them for their support of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said RBC.

"I do not believe that our homeland and China pay any price for supporting al-Assad's regime. There is a unique method to change the situation: each state represented here directly and urgently state, Our homeland and that China will be held accountable for their actions, "- Secretary of State said.

"Colt" Chavez newly announced about healing from cancer

During his own speeches Hugo Chavez has also forgotten to remind everyone again that it is cured of cancer, found him in June 2011, and assured that he is in perfect shape for a role in the presidential elections in Venezuela on October 7, writes Reuters.

During the press conference, Venezuelan favorite compared himself to a "colt" and did not rule out that in recent times, even back in play so beloved of them baseball. In addition, he appointed a "general coming" on the opposition and expressed the belief that they would triumph over his main rival, former governor of Miranda, Capriles Radonski Ernik, gaining 10 million votes, said Latindex.

It should be noted that Chavez has repeatedly declared its own complete healing. So, on September 10 last year, he said that was cured of cancer. But at the end of last February he again had to undergo another surgery to remove a malignant tumor. At the same time, after another course of radiation therapy, the Venezuelan president reiterated that he was "all right."

"Over the last few days here in Venezuela, I did a CT scan, an MRI, and the results completely normal after surgery and radiation therapy. I feel very good," — said Chavez, adding that the belief in God and medicine helps him live, that I continue to fight for the future of Venezuela.

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