Cheburashka will call in the army

Cheburashka will call in the armyLeasing company "Ilyushin Finance Co.." (IFC) has refused to become the first Russian customer upgraded aircraft L-410 produced by the plant in the Czech Aircraft Industries, owned by the Ural Mining and Smelting Company (UMMC). IFC was unable to find the aircraft operator, explaining that the highest cost of ownership. Who will be the launch customer for the Ministry of Defense, which requires four jetliners, popularly nicknamed Cheburashka.

The fact that the IFC has stopped talks to buy Czech aircraft, told RBC daily, the representatives of the leasing company and UMMC, the owner of the plant Aircraft Industries. "Plane has established itself in the last century, IFC wanted to try to engage the small appliances and entered into a preliminary agreement with the Czech factory. But the cost of ownership of L-410 is the highest, which complicated the search for customers, "- said the official dealer of IFC. According to him, airlines, aircraft operators to purchase it required considerable economical subsidies and guarantees. "The high cost and the claimed properties of the aircraft led to the freezing of negotiations on its acquisition of air carriers" — said the representative of the IFC.

L-410 (Got a nickname for Cheburashka peculiar arrangement of the engine) was in the days of Russian Union of the most massive turboprop aircraft, operate on regional lines. In all there were about 1,000 of these machines. It can carry up to 19 passengers, is capable of operating on the ground as a base coat and a hard coating. Plane flies at a speed of 300 km / h in a distance of 500 km.

UMMC bought a 51% stake in Czech Aircraft Industries plant in 2008, it was assumed that Czech aircraft will form the basis of the park newest regional airline in the Urals (based in Ekaterinburg airport Uktus). But in 2009, co-owner of UMMC Iskandar Makhmudov began negotiations for the sale of the plant of the United Aircraft Company (UAC). The deal did not come true, and UMMC had no other means of finding customers for the aircraft. In the summer of 2012 IFC has signed a preliminary agreement for the supply of 10 aircraft during 2013-2014, with an option for three liner in 2015.

After the failure of IFC launch customer for the upgraded L-410, likely to become the Defense Ministry. As noted on the web site procurement, the Defense Ministry is preparing to acquire four jetliners, the highest price of the contract amounts to 781.3 million rubles. (VAT included). Of these two aircraft will be in the passenger version in 19 seats, eight-one will, once plane will be made in VIP-version for 5 passengers (cabin staff), it is noted on the web site procurement. All aircraft are to be delivered this year. Ships will be equipped with new engines Walter M-601 (up to now installed on aircraft engine GE H-80). In UMMC note that the Defense Ministry will buy the upgraded aircraft capable of flying at a speed of 380 km / h, with a range of 1,380 km. In addition to the Defense Ministry this year can be put another 6 aircraft L-410 Russian and foreign airlines. Among their representative UMMC calls "Komiaviatrans" and SUE Orenburg region "Airport Orenburg."

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