Chechen trace sovereign Surkov

Chechen trace of Mr. Surkov

Continue to loudly respond to the higher circles of the mandatory social unrest of recent weeks. It would seem that long ago should have triggered state Russian tradition — to throw everything and get ready for a brand new year, but no such luck. Virtually every day power throws his own people (us, in other words) then great predictable, it all does not give forecasts metamomorfozy in "high places." One of these disturbances was the purpose of Vladislav Surkov, to the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Now past the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration will deal with issues of modernization. In its place came the same Vyacheslav Volodin — one of the most active party functionaries "One of the Russian Federation and is the last manager of the government of Staff in the rank of deputy prime minister.

Analysts do not abate in the middle of debate: what did this kind associated reshuffle before the coming of the New Year Happy holiday. Someone saw this as another New Year's gift "under the tree" from Vladimir Putin, who promised to days of "put" under an evergreen tree solemn honest presidential election. It may be that, coupled with bona fide presidential election Putin has decided to give the people also resign from his post Vladislav Surkov, whose activities in the near future on the part of the opposition forces suffered quite severe criticism, to say the least — a public rejection. Sometimes it seemed that the protesters "Decembrists" personality sovereign Surkov worried even more than the "magic" head "TsIKista" Churov on not so long ago the last parliamentary elections in our country.

Zabugornye edition of the so called very ideological mastermind Vladislav Surkov media censorship and the creation of the "cult of personality" in modern Russia. British journalists exposed Surkov "strangler" democratic norms and the instigator of the higher authorities to revive the one-party system.
It seems that there may be, but at the time of the Emperor Surkov, the Presidential Administration (which is from 1999) in Russia really had time to form a political system that is to call a multi-polar and multi-language does not turn. But the question is — neuzh something specifically Vladislav Surkov, has managed to build that chain of command, with which some have taken to call "Putin." To answer this question, we need to touch biography sovereign Surkov.

In this biography is full of moments that remind or episodes of sentimental Indian film, or excerpts from the biographies of people who lived in those times when statistics were not municipal, and at best chroniclers. So that's even a place and date of birth, Vladislav Surkov remain unknown for certain. The official version is that Vladislav Surkov was born in a village in the Lipetsk region in 1964, but Surkov himself in his own authoritative Der Spiegel interview at one point said that half belongs to (quote) "a known people in the world." This nation is the Chechen people, because his father Vladislav Surkov — Andarbek Danilbekovich Dudayev which worked in the school in the village of Duba-Yurt in the Shali district of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Republic, along with his mother Vladislav. Incidentally, the name of Vladislav is not completely real. At birth, according to the journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (year of birth — 1962), the current deputy chairman of the Russian Government was named Aslambek. My father gave him this name in honor of the hero of the revolution in 1917 Aslambek Sheripova. It turns out that one of the ideologists of the creation of the party "United Russia" and the deputy (from December 27, 2011), Vladimir Putin — not Vladislav Y. Surkov, and Aslambek Dudayev Andarbekovich …

Specifically, Vladislav Y. Surkov arises when the father went to another family, and the young-Aslambek Vladislav moved with his mother to the Lipetsk region.

Next biography Surkov-Dudayev also has some very sharp turns mind-blowing. After graduating from high school Vladislav (Let's stick to the official name) entered the Capital Institute of Steel and Alloys, but, having studied for several years, there has been dismissed due to the low achievers. After serving in the Russian Army, Vladislav Surkov, has decided to test himself as a student of the Institute of Culture, but in the 3rd year decided to throw their studies. Though, apparently directed at potential sovereign Surkov seen to this day.

Officially sovereign Surkov has a Master of the Russian-American Institute, although there journalists tend to believe that the diploma was not obtained due to the diligence and assiduity of Vladislav Yuryevich, and due to familiarity to the end of the 90s with a number of senior bureaucrats. But how could a man who is in fact the case, was not behind the back of fair and regular career to be in the top echelons of power?

The mystery of the ordinary: the emperor Surkov some time been involved in the structure of the infamous "Menatep", where he first worked as a guard Misha Khodorkovsky. Due to the irrepressible desire or to curry favor, or indeed move up the career ladder, then either of both at once, Vladislav Surkov not only worked to protect his own boss, and take up the most incredible marketing projects of the company, which increases his personal rating in the eyes of Khodorkovsky. Specifically marketing "acts" sovereign Surkov forced to behold in him a severe public relations specialist, who at the time of the Russian Federation was simply necessary, and besides, with the active support of the monetary elite.

It turns out that prince Surkov, in which flows exactly half of Caucasian blood, quite ambitious, greedy and accept any suggestions on how not to another truest orders. Because today's translation, which some consider the decline, others — an increase in person Surkov himself takes just like a regular order, which must be executed at any cost. Because you can already read at this point, that in a short time, Vladislav Surkov, and on the basis of the modernization will invent such formations, which are only one upgrade will not be limited, and will be, one way or another, to emphasize the existing structure of the current political power.

In connection with the facts of his biography, you can completely draw a portrait Jurevicha Vladislav Surkov, as the man who tried and tries his best to look and feel their own specific superiors. This desire in Russia encouraged at all times, and therefore career Surkov was pretty impressive even when it is very foggy past. It may be that particular desire to show his boundless devotion to management, just the same, and resulted in what we now call the "sovereign democracy" and the Russian power vertical. Over the past 12 years Surkov was able to pretty clumsy way to show opposition to the so-called system of its true place holders vertically. After all, if she will not hold, it will fall very vertical, crushing and scurrying around the opposition. But there was another kind of opposition which, as it turns out, and not just lust no falls and just wish her government listened and heard. Specifically, the birth of such opposition seems spodviglo control of the country barely move Surkov.

But, apparently, both Putin and Medvedev appreciate diligence and sovereign hvatkost Surkov, and therefore decided not to turn away from his service in favor of the Swamp, an
d translate it to other tracks. But, guided by the principles of the existence of Vladislav Surkov, you can be sure that these rails it will use far not as a fallback for the implementation of their plans to cater to the power that is at the helm of the country.

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