Chechnya has appointed Moscow size tribute

Chechnya has appointed Moscow size tributeThe size of the tribute imposed on the rest of the ordinary taxpayers of, nearly half a trillion rubles. More precisely — 498 billion

All fairness it must be said that it is allowed not to pay immediately and before 2025. Yearly installments of 38 billion rubles.

For her sake, we note — the federal center in the current year, wants to (or had) to unfasten also, in general, is not a small amount to 18.4 billion rubles, but, as it turns out, these tears do not satisfy the republic.

A lot of it or not much? Postpone the answer to this question in the name of another — for that much money came in handy?

Ask to speak to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Chechnya Abdullah Magomadov. According to disk imaging, 156 billion are planned for compensation to residents who lost their homes during the first and second Chechen military campaigns. The rest — to 515 objects. Of which 9 — Utilities 10 — health care, 15 — public services to the population, 77 — educational institutions, 78 — Culture, 33 — agriculture and others.

Proposals of this and other ministries of the Republic approved the head and face in Regional Development.

Now, finding out what, back to the question about the "many-little." We use the official economical data in 2010, as for them it yet.

Let's see, what, according to them, was spent on one inhabitant of certain regions. From the federal budget. From our taxes. So

Kabardino-Balkaria — 12,900 rubles

Karachay-Cherkessia — 13,600 rubles

Dagestan — 14,800 rubles

Ingushetia — 27,800 rubles

North Ossetia-Alania — 12,000 rubles

Chechnya — 48,200 rubles.

Now note — Stavropol — 6,000 rubles.

This, remember, the data for the previous year. If the same is approved by the above figure — and the possibility of taking into account some peculiarities of relations in the upper echelons of power, very high — this indicator penultimate line, for sure, will be noticeably rounded and — in comparison with the above Stavropol — more contrast.

Step republican government is logical and otherwise due. Indeed — what there with rams at all?

There is also another good point. Now We have another, but very fundamental indicator of the properties of the president and the government. Accurate and understandable. Just let's see — pay or not pay?

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