Chechnya: some current realities

Chechnya: some of today's realities

There are facts in the life of the country, which can not disturb

The article "The traitors in arms", placed in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" for July 15, 2010, made a lot of noise. It it, remember, was about the Tipo the facts of the betrayal of the troops formed from the Chechen battalion 'North' own colleagues — Internal Forces commandos who came to the North Caucasus from Ufa, during a joint military operation. I relatively recently managed to visit the battalion. I wish to share my impressions of what he saw and heard in its location, as thoughts on the matter.

But before you begin the story, I can not mention: in recent weeks, "Chechen problem" never left the headlines, did not disappear from the TV and radio, web. Why — all clear (the murder of the young Muscovite unsullied by ponds, mass skirmish in a children's camp "Don"). Hence — and the debate about the relationship between Russian and Chechens, about what exactly these things sharpens, leading to severe conflicts. One of the reasons I was able to find in the harsh …

"Dead shame no shame." HOW TO BE WITH Alive?

"North", more precisely — the 248th separate special motorized battalion named Hero of the Russian Federation Akhmad Kadyrov is stationed on the outskirts of the capital of the Chechen Republic, the former 15th military base. In the first Chechen campaign it was located 101 Brigade of Interior Troops of the Russian Federation, the last stronghold of the former Russian military presence in the breakaway of Ichkeria and the last to leave her area.

Now it is a memorable place relatively recently is a picturesque ruin, not to find out. Before PPC battalion — two huge banners with images of the control of the Interior Ministry, Army General Rashid Nurgaliyev and Interior Troops Commander Colonel General Nikolai Rogozhkina a soft-spoken utterance of the latter: "We do not serve for echoing the coin, not for the praise and merit, and for the good of his country, its present and future. "

Accommodation battalion in all ways pulls on exemplary military town: the equipped family hostel, dining, barracks kubrikovogo type, spacious car park, warehouse, club. Is the exclusive battalion mosque. As proof that this is not a fad, but an urgent necessity, next posted another banner: Ramzan Kadyrov in the maroon beret next to the commander of the battalion "north", his cousin, on the background of the mosque and the Terrible, respectively, the moment of the inscription: "In the name of Allah Compassionate, the Merciful, the Lord of the worlds! Serve the Fatherland and the people with the name of Allah on their lips! "(Agree, important addition to the words of the Commander in Chief BB). That's such "Allah akbar!" That, in general, in translation means totally peaceful "God is greatest!" And is in no way for the military-Russian Chechens call cut.

It seemed obvious that all met me ordinary soldiers and commanders of the "North" did not wear symbols of difference. What caused across-the violation of the statute? Familiar officer of the 46th separate brigade of BB, which is structurally comes the 248th Battalion, popularly explained to me — the title of "North" did not play a significant role. What is more important, what are you, neighbor, kith and kin, and how your teip close to the family Kadyrov. Because in the upcoming creator of these lines is not enough free hit in violation of the requirements of the military chain of command communication between a battalion of soldiers or the bearing of hours and orderly sitting service. There was an impression that dressed in military uniform people prefer their public counterparts, pets habits tedious and complex statutory requirements.

Same Familiar officer of the 46th Brigade said as he met the battalion arrived to inspect a lieutenant general. Certainly, much in the same meet kids Santa Claus — rapidly and gratifying, "Oh, are you, General? Hello! ".

However, one can not forget that these characters free reign in the famous feral Division, formed from the Caucasian highlanders of volunteers and has become famous in the fields of battles of the First World War. The personnel of this compound, distinguished courage, bravery and skill PATH, is not very observe the rules in the Imperial Army chain of command and insubordination.

Outside person is difficult to estimate the contribution of the battalion "North" in the anti-terrorist operation. According to the last measure that "northerners" are fighting the loss, soft-spoken reads a memorial stele dedicated to Akhmad Kadyrov, where next to incarnate in granite portrait of the late president the Czech Republic — the names of the fallen in battle with the bandits fighters. The world of their souls! Maybe for someone of their death will last a powerful argument in favor of that, that this battalion is at war all the same on our side.

"Dead shame no shame." What about the living?

I agree with the creator of this article to that special love between Russian and Chechens, the more troops there. And how did she come from? Silly, of course, the question after a long mutual bloodletting last 2-campaigns …

It is interesting that the issue of Russian-Chechen Friendship Society was burning, for example, even 80 years back. In a memo soldier who participated in the maneuvers under cover operations to disarm armed groups on the territory of Chechnya in 1925, stated: "One of the important tasks of the Red Army during maneuvers and operations — is to build the right things with the population. Secure the bow of the Red Army from workers and peasants … Red Army soldier everyone should own act obmyslit: not recall whether he highlander-Chechen an old times, do not give rise to it in him to the Russian state of hostility. "

This manic fear of Russian power, and somehow something to offend Highlanders constant flirting with them were called, of course, is not the desire for genuine friendship and horror of losing control over nepokorlivym desperately brave people. This led to the eventual deportation and the two Chechen campaigns.

Yes, the question of the Russian-Chechen Friendship and fighting friendship remains controversial and open. But as it were, in general, theoretical terms. Since both the friendship and even fighting brotherhood bind certain military personnel. After all Chechen fighters have something to be respected. And later, as they say understanding people, "If you have a real friend of Chechen consider, it was lucky for you." Well, the cult kunachestva in the country is not yet lost.

But at the same time wishes to continue to look at the facts that are inevitably forced to ask, and decide whether the Chechen authorities all the necessary measures to make friends with Russian Chechens?

Do not verbally, but in fact

In Grozny store Press House — the holy of holies of the free voice of the Chechen people, where, in my opinion, needs to sell the best of what is published in the country, in the middle of works on the history and culture of the Vainakh people, I found some very curious editions.

For example, rare little book — a collection of anecdotes entitled "The Chechens are laughing." It was written in 1997, when a republic ruled by Maskhadov, Yandarbiyev, Basayev and other "public figures" announced later in the international wanted list as a result of involvement in
terrorism and destruction of Russian troops and intelligence services. Neuzh book that was the case in the store, got lost on the shelves, was not at the time of withdrawal or hidden in the archives? Under the strict measures by which Kadyrov Jr. restore order in the country, it's hard to believe. I thumb through, read: "In Moscow, the barber sits general. Hairdresser, continuing to cut, sometimes asks the general:

— Where were the war?

— In Chechnya.

— Where is the voice of?

— In Chechnya.

— And in the near future?

— In Chechnya.

— Repeat, which waged war?

— Are you deaf? For the tenth time I repeat: in Chechnya, Chechnya, Chechnya!

— I'm not deaf. But I have my own method of cutting the military who fought in Chechnya. You have every word "Chechnya" hair stand on end, and I have so easier to give a haircut. "


"When Dudayev Chechen Ahmed asks an old companion of his own:

— Well, Joe, what's up?

— But is it life? Shit, not life!

Feds came, looked around the constitutional order. Ahmed again asks a friend:

— Well, Joe, what's up?

— Do you remember that I am to you in past times read?

— I remember.

— So here it is, it appears, was jam … "


"The military prosecutor's office is investigating the cause of unfitness Battalion feds.

It turns out that one officer wounded Chechen prisoner transfused blood. The officer returned to the part nights shouting "Allah akbar", and the men fled in different directions, thinking that the Chechens were leaked to the placement.

And have not figured out what it was until the part is not disbanded. "


"At the village meeting people decide that the feds surrender guns, so they do not have to bombard the village, killing women, kids, old people and patients.

As a result, the discussion document was unanimously adopted, the main point of which said: "Pick up a tool to Chechen illegal armed groups and give it a legitimate Russian gangs" …

Y-yes, I think at least some of our military, especially the fighting in Chechnya, after such jokes desire to strengthen friendship with the Chechens will not arise.

And here's another book "Chechnya Chechen eyes", published edition of ten thousand in 2001, freely sold directly in the foyer of the House version. Its creator — Umalat Umalatov from the first pages of his own creation does not hide sympathies Johar Dudayev, blames the exacerbation of the conflict between the severity and Moscow only, and only the government of the Russian Federation, is trying to prove the legitimacy of the actions of General President, arguing that they have found full support for the Chechen people. Believe in it with difficulty. The bias and the falsity of the book can be seen with the naked eye, and countless cited therein bloopers show the "rawness" Umalatova as the creator and "mediocrity" as a person who has received higher education in the United States.

For example, Umalatov seriously claims that are on the ground in Chechnya unit of paratroopers (in fact special forces soldiers BB "Knight"), who arrived here in November 1991 for implementation of the Presidential Decree on the implementation of a state of emergency on the territory of the Chechen Republic, the locals saw off " with flowers, gifts and good wishes "and that" the soldiers were moved by such an attitude to yourself. " Those wishing to see how it was in fact, refer to the memoirs of General Anatoly Kulikov, "Heavy Stars."

Elsewhere creator makes a "bold" statement the other day that the invasion of Chechnya there is "14 districts and 5 cities and 4 villages were populated by Russian". As you know, in the Chechen Republic and there was only three towns — Severe, Gudermes and Argun. And what about as much as 14 districts, "populated by Russian" writes Umalat Umalatov? The Russian and the best, more measured time preferred to live in the main towns but in a left bank, formerly part of the Stavropol regions. Of course, the creator of so long was in America that thoroughly rusty his small home. Overseas or purchased in the United States influenced the formation of the so sovereign Umalatova?

It is, for example, tells the story with relish ruthlessness, cunning and treachery of the rulers of, the "barbarism" of the Russian people. Take such gem: "The Kremlin dreamers and now hoped to use the age-old way besprintsipialnoy policy:" Kill the enemies of their enemies in their own hands. " Particularly so, the views Umalat Umalatova Tipo always acted more Russian princes. "But Ivan the Terrible — he writes on — even managed to get his hands Kazan Tatars." Plaiting them here and Peter Lofty with "their" trumped the West (which has been repeatedly confirmed) "will", and of course, the Russian Bolsheviks (despite the fact that they have always considered themselves internationalists!) On which we can safely blame everything to the heap. Thanks to such policies, categorically asserts Umalatov, in Russia "has disappeared over hundreds (!) … people. " But that's not all.

Going into the apparent contradiction with a new story, the creator also proves that the second Chechen campaign began with an attack on Chechnya of the Russian Federation, and not the contrary. In "events in Dagestan", as he vaguely refers to the invasion in August 1999, with the Chechen Wahhabis areas in the neighboring republic, blame, of course, Moscow, provoking extremists, through inaction, which confirms Umalatov words … Aslan Maskhadov. A similar move by the forces was perhaps the only medic Goebbels tirelessly firmly in his time that the German attack on the Soviet Union itself povinet Russian Alliance, and refers to all that the Fuehrer.

As befits a "real patriot Chechnya" Umalatov almost justifies acts of Basayev in Budennovsk, emphasizing his generosity (?) As a special property of the Chechens, and elevates the head to the sky "peacemaker" Sergei Kovalyov, a treacherous "peacekeeping" efforts which at one time Much has been written. Going further, the creator puts it on par with the "best people of — Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy …"

He flattered when someone from Russian journalists writing about the "special mindset Chechens", their "highlander dignity." "A real patriot Chechnya" Umalatov entertains the idea lurking that all other nations, including Russian, do not have any special mentality, no such advantages (well, let alone us, the descendants of Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Suvorov, Ermolova). And do not spare the paper quoted extensively caressing his ear like-minded creators with him. Obviously, as it is in "real Chechen patriots", he categorically denies the overall role of their own fellow-Russian war majestically on the side of Nazi Germany: "No Chechen (?) Did not become a traitor to the country, which was called the Russian Union ".

Inspired by nationalist ideas, the creator of open bite a hand stretched out to its people Russian Federation, which once again, tightening their belts, rebuilding Chechnya: "The trouble is waiting for people who will help our homeland, for our home reminds Greeks bearing gifts." Obnaglev all, he also calls to confess to Russian Chechens for all damages ever hurt.

Throughout, the book goes through all the familiar desire unworthy stepchildren RF annoy, humiliate, kick my country, my people. And I would not otymat the reader's time, if this book were sold in Chechnya standard 1997 or 2001, but it sold in 2010, in the House version of the Chechen Republic, which is in the legal field of. Realize the difference?

A simi
lar sense of bewilderment felt I visited the museum named after Akhmad Kadyrov. In the exhibition — paintings Chechen painters, selected, of course, at the highest level. In the middle of work were pretty good, but I wish to say a few words not about their artistic value, but of ideological orientation. For example, a picture of the "Welcome to Hell!" Dedicated to the events of the first entry into the Republic of the Russian troops. Such slogans were met then our warriors on the houses Crucible. The main hero of the film is Chechen people who rose to the defense of their own freedom with a gun in his hand. In the center of the canvas — a woman with a gun and a boy in blood-red Circassian with 2 grenades in hand. Se lo "Allah akbar!". What is not a recruiting poster for future suicide bombers?

Either the picture "Baisangurov", which depicts the captive Russian troops companion of Imam Shamil — Chechen Baisangurov Benoevsky, who lost in the struggles arm, leg and eye. He was handcuffed to a Russian gendarme and turning, looking at to leave their homeland. The man's name is very memorable for the Chechens as a sign of not surrendered in Russian captivity (unlike Shamil) Berger, who remained until the end of the sworn enemy of. Read the comments on the Web young Chechens to his biography, and it becomes clear how this work of art.

Chechnya: some of today's realities

It all looks amazing against the backdrop of repeated statements of Ramzan Kadyrov, that he — a law-abiding citizen of, pochetaet and respects its laws. "The Chechen Republic lives in a single legal space of Russian Federation — he singled out in an interview with the website — Here are the Constitution and the laws of the country as well as in other subjects. "

In an interview with news agency "South of Russia," Kadyrov said that "the Chechen people has never been the enemy of. On the contrary, we have always wanted to live in peace and harmony with all peoples inhabiting Russia majestic … The Chechens are innocent in the events that occurred in the country in the middle of the 90s. They have never supported the rulers of Chechnya, who did not observe any traditions or customs of his own people. Many inmates could not even attend the mosque to pray, because I had brought a radical innovation in conventional Islam. Dudayev, Maskhadov and Basayev, the Chechen oil is sold, the proceeds of which were distributed at their discretion, while quite impoverished people. "

In short, verbally in Chechnya everything is done properly, it is — an integral part of, the Chechens seek to instill a desire to live in peace with all peoples of the Russian Federation, the President of the Chechen Republic is quite holds the key to the situation there … And what about really? Neuzh then Ramzan Akhmatovich not have enough time, so have a look, which works on display at exhibitions, what books are sold in harsh?

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