Chief doctor of the hospital emergency room went on increasing

Head doctor of the Minsk Emergency Hospital Victor Syrenka headed a committee of the Health City Committee. May 10 at the working meeting, and introduced him to the chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee, presented a certificate Nicholas Ladutko.

How falls BelaPAN Syrenka led emergency hospital for about four years. He was replaced as chairman of the Health Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee Dmitry Pinevichand that on April 15 he was appointed to the post of First Deputy Minister of Health.

February 2 Syrenku European Union included in the list of banned entry to the EU in relation to the history surrounding the presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Nekljaev was severely beaten by riot police during a rally in Minsk on December 19 and was taken to a hospital emergency room. Several hours later, unidentified plainclothes abducted policy of the intensive care unit in front of his wife.

The medical director Victor Syrenka hospital told reporters that Neklyaeva diagnosed "contusion of the soft tissues of the face and hematoma kalyavachnitsavay area — other injuries were found." However, the closest candidate believed that he had a more serious diagnosis, because he was unconscious for seven minutes, was placed in the intensive care unit and could not stand on his feet.

December 22 Secretary of the Interior Anatoly Kuleshov told reporters that the arrested candidates Andrei Sannikov and Nyaklyayeu "Absolutely healthy, completely normal, comfortable feel."

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