Chimera freedom

The concept of "freedom" — one of the main chimeras with which the ruling structure of the "brain stem" people. Transforming the rapidly evolving public system of the country in a pile of rubble.

If you analyze at least some event in the world, be it political, war, just a death of 1 person, it is completely clear that all natural. For what ever event, the phenomenon is a system hierarchy: the laws of the Universe, the Cosmos, the laws of nature, art, politics. Even at the current time, you can find information on the effects of solar flares, solar activity on historical events, the effects of magnetic storms on the statistics of the atrocities of human diseases.

Man is not free, there is no freedom, he only link in the chain, part of the system — a society's population, the biosphere of the planet, the solar system, our galaxy, the universe. He lives in resonance with a mass of vibrations and emits them himself. If man resonates with the world around us, it is part of the operating system, while the majority of people acting in concert with the system, all right. As a significant group of people start to come in dissonance with the public system, such system begins to fail and may eventually fall.

Figuratively it can be compared with the human organizmon: while the vast majority of cells in your system, the body is healthy, as cancer cells that want "freedom", "self-expression", it becomes very much, the body dies. So it is with in a human society, when people who do not realize they are part of the system, and the desire to be "free" and not to work for the common good, would be more than a certain level, the society, the government will fall. That's why the "world behind the scenes" from time immemorial to Russia introduces concepts alien to us: freedom from responsibility, freedom from family, sexual freedom, the freedom of the country, the freedom of the kids ("children — the evil that is ruining the self-development of man") freedom from the past, memory, freedom from "terrible" Truth and so on.

Breaking open a normally operating system basis, the Russian civilization, its concepts: truth, responsibility for themselves, their family, nature, home, People, Love, Virtue.

Think of western movies, there are always those who overcomes — the individual, the hero. This heresy is always overcomes a system where small discord, all in resonance. That is why the Russian people, Russ always thrashed even the most powerful opponents, they were united, strength in unity, togetherness. That's the secret to winning the Third Reich, while the "world behind the scenes" conducted a very scary experience, which could not get out of their control. Introduced in Germany, partly restored the people's aristocratic system, healthy hierarchy (of course, a very distorted). In the end, there was a resonance in Germany — came unified civilization, from top to bottom, united by a common purpose, applets. On the way out, almost a decade Reich showed just phenomenal results on virtually all fronts breakthrough that later brought the entire population of the earth at the latest stage of development — rocket science, virtually the Germans were the first to gallakticheskuyu aaplet, jet aircraft, nuclear project, disc-shaped aircraft, the good programs from education Education and kids, youth, etc.. And it's in less than three five-year period.

Reich was able to beat the only other similar system, where there was unity of the people, but more just, Stalin. That's why the enemies of the Russian Federation is so much hatred, just the animals treated in this period of Russian history — it's terrible that Russia will again begin to build the people's aristocratic system. What is its essence? The fact that there is no freedom and equality, there is either a healthy hierarchy or hierarchy of destruction. Healthy hierarchy: this is when all people are born with equal ability to develop and train (without the "elite", "tepid" towns), it provides a common system of education, then there is a selection, let's say "warriors" and "sorcerers, magicians . " They are the core of society, "aristocracy" that guides the development of society, manages, protects it, on the basis of common sense. Third main group of society — "workers" all those who are doing creative work property of the country, remember Stalin's USSR — even movies where the main characters were farmers, workers, teachers, conscientious workers, not bandyuki, confused, speculators and so, his attention to this group, management class must constantly bother about this group. Actors (in the vast majority, there are rare exceptions), clowns, laughers, singers, those who amuses people (and in most cases decomposes) — this is the usual structure of a society almost "bottom", not "elite."

The real elite, the know — those who stand at the borders, manned combat aircraft, special units that perform tasks at the enemy's surroundings, on duty at the U-boat crews, all those who are ready to give every moment lives for their country. This designers, strong-willed people, their lives set an example of Humanity (righteous), Master of people. But you should know that belonging to the elite is not hereditary, each new generation has to justify that it deserves to be nobility.

Old Russia was specifically that of power: the hero of the village could become a member of the prince's retinue, and at the end of life, getting invaluable experience of life, to become "old man"-Sage. Healthy start in Russia have been saved in the epics, proverbs, songs.

At the current time there is a unique opportunity to regain the people's aristocratic system in Russia, on a brand new level. If this happens, do not need to be decades to recover, remember the example of Stalin's Soviet Union and Hitler's Reich — resonance, the people will be the same in every respect, from the public to Gallakticheskogo, will do his program notes laid by the supreme intelligence, and 2-3 five-year plan — and whole the world does not find out about the Russian-Rus. This will be the Power of the Spirit, a beacon of humanity and high technology.

Strength of the resonance is possible to behold in a military parade — who is best marching? Soldiers of the Third Reich and the Russian soldiers-liberators! These were the two systems that are closer to unity. But the Stalinist system was closer to the cosmos, the law of Creation. And today a look at a parade in the Russian Federation, at once evident that society painful discord, disharmony.

That's why rusam constantly injected into the heads of the idea of "freedom", so that, God forbid, do not remember who they are, and do not put things in order to own the planet …

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