Color photos of the Russian Empire

We suggest for you to look at other Russian. These color photos were made in the period between 1909 and 1912 by photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky (1863 — 1944). Photographer took a tour of the Russian Federation with the support of Tsar Nicholas II. To shoot, he used a special camera. The camera shoots three successive black-and-white image with virtually no breaks, a reddish, greenish and blue filter. To view these photos was used projector with 3 lenses arranged in front with 3 shots on the plate. Each frame was projected through the filter of the same color as the one through which he was shot. When adding three images (reddish green and blue) to display a full color image came out. Thanks to the high quality photos of breathtakingly amazing and eye-catching colors is hard to believe that these pictures were taken a century back, before the October Revolution, and even before the First World War. We want to invite you to look at the mind-blowing selection of photos that are in the Library of Congress, which acquired them in 1948.

1. Armenian state in a suit on the slopes of the hillock near Artvin (for the moment, the area comes in part of Turkey), about 1910.

2. Self-portrait photographer on the bank of the river Korolistshali, okolo.1910. Prokudin-Gorskii in suit and hat sits on a rock on the bank of the river, which flows in the Caucasus mountains, not far from Batumi, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

3. Masters Kasli casting, about 1910. Photos from the album "Views in the Ural Mountains, survey of industrial area, Russian Empire".

4. The lady at the bank of the river Sim, on the ground today Chelyabinsk Region, 1910 year.

5. The chapel in the place where in ancient times bylosnovan city Belozyorsk, 1909.

6. View of Tiflis (Tbilisi) from the Church of Saint David, about 1910.

7. Isfandiyar Yurdzhi Bahadur Khan Russian protectorate of Khorezm (Khiva, today the area is part of modern Uzbekistan), about 1910.

8. Portrait Isfandiar Yurdzhi Bahadur. Presumably, this photo was made in the first years of his reign, about 1910, when Khan was 39 years old. He ruled Khorezm until his own death, which followed in 1918.

9. The young shepherd on the banks of the river Sim. Photo made in 1910.

10. Transformers made in Budapest, Hungary, in the hall of the generating station in Iolotan (Elotene), Turkmenistan, on the Murghab River, about 1910.

11. Georgian, 1910.

12. Group of residents of Dagestan in 1910.

13. Panorama Artvin (now territory of Turkey), photo made from a small town light, about 1910.

14. Vosmidesyatichetyrehletny Pinkhus Karlinsky. 66 years of his life he dedicated service in the army. Responsible for the sluice gates of Chernigov, which are part of the Mariinsky channels. Photo made in 1909.

15. View of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas from the south-western part of the town Mozhdysk, photo made in 1911.

16. A group of Jewish kids with their teacher in Samarkand (today the territory of Uzbekistan), 1910.

17. Work Trans-Siberian railway line near the town of Ust-ride a river Yuryuzan in 1910.

18. Cornflowers in a field of rye, 1909. Photo from the album "Types of rivers and canals Mary system, Russian Empire".

19. Laying of cement by the time of construction of the dam across the river gateway Oka in 1912, near the Beloomut.

20. A lady in a burqa nation Sart in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, about 1910. Before the 1917 revolution, the People "Sart" were called Uzbeks living in Kazakhstan.

21. View of the pier on the river Mezhevaya Duck, photo made in 1912.

22. Farmers harvest the hay, photo made in 1909.

23. Prokudin-Gorsky on the railroad handcar Murmansk near Petrozavodsk, the coast of Lake Onega. Photo made in 1910.

24. The water carrier in Samarkand (in the current time territory Uzbekistan), about 1910

25. Sleeping dog on the shore of Lake Lindozero in 1910.

26. The plant in Keene, our homeland, the property of Count Stroganov, SA, 1912.

27. The kids sit on the hill near the church and bell tower in snow-white lake in 1909.

28. Emir Syed Mir Mohammed Alim Khan — Emir of Bukhara — poses with his sw
ord in Bukhara (Uzbekistan segodnyaschy territory) in 1910.

29. The boy in wood gate. Photos of 1910.

30. Iron bridge on stone piers across the river Kama, a part of the Trans-Siberian railway line, near the Perm region of the Urals, 1910 year.

31. Kirghiz nomads in the Hunger Steppe (segodnyaschy territory of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan), approximately 1910 year.

32. A man and a woman in Dagestan in 1910.

33. View of the bay and Sukhumi, Abkhazia. Photo made about 1910 with Cherniavskaya mountains.

34. The boy in the yard of Tilla-Kari mosque in Samarkand, territory modern Uzbekistan 1910 year.

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