Coming to Earth asteroid — VIDEO

October 27, 2011 18:30

NASA says that on the night of November 9, near Earth asteroid fly, pre whose size can be 400 meters
Asteroid 2005 YU55budet fly over 325,000 miles from Earth at a speed of 13.7 km / s. Distance voiced by NASA, is at 60,000 km less than the distance from Earth to the Moon. Specialists NASAplaniruyut hold special radar observations.
This asteroid was first recorded December 24, 2005 by Robert McMillan scientists at Arizona State University. It is worth noting that the passage of an asteroid of this size by the Earth is very rare. Newly-born asteroid 2005 YU55budet largest space object, which would have been so close to Earth 2020 Scientists calm, the asteroid would not affect the gravitational effect of the Earth, will not affect the tectonics or the occurrence of hot flashes.


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