Conscientious elections — is a conscientious choice of each

Fair elections - it's a fair choice of eachAny of us during life takes an enormous amount of decisions. We are constantly making choices, choosing one solution to another.

We are with young people ask questions about what profession we choose, as adults, or what should be our second half.

As a psychologist, I can say that the best results is seeking someone who is making decisions of this kind, listens mostly to themselves and the least — others, no matter how respected they may possess.

As a political scientist I can add is that if we want to live life to the fullest and feel themselves free, we must be governed by this rule for at least some choice in our lives, including choosing the head of the country.

So after all this election? And on the day or anger, to the same "fair elections"?

From my point of view, any elections (from the heads of local government before the election of the President) — a political tool, this in order to each of us could express their preference for any of the candidates, based only on their awareness of who is more worthy of them and is able to provide our interests.

It sounds painfully simple, clear, and of course, it would seem to everyone. But for some reason in life, we are guided by logic and analyze options, and the choice of political leader (at least some level) do immediately senses quickly, if carefully. Why is this happening?

In psychology there is a term such as "reflection." This form of thinking about their own actions, standing between stimulus and response. According to the theory of behaviorism formula of "stimulus-response" is inherent in all animals on earth. But the man is inherent understanding of their actions.

I did not just poumnichat and gave the example of my beloved science of psychology. This formula is directly related to that principle, which is the basis of our choice. The experts in charge of the race from each of the candidates, it's perfectly understandable.

Because in all election campaigns are fully so called political strategies that affect the human psyche and based specifically on the mental toolkit.

Well aware of these techniques, I try to encourage myself and everyone do own choices without the help of others — coldly, without feeling, without looking back on populist slogans that we impose on every day through the media and social networks, and even pragmatically, asking yourself, "If I choose, how will this affect me personally and my loved ones, which will bring some benefit to me? '. And when I choose a policy, you must first analyze his candidacy on the basis of a belief in the importance of politics, as well as his desire, ability and motivation to solve my problems, and specifically of the social environment in which I am.

I think that in a society in the electoral process, in particular the election of representatives of the authorities of their own, have to work these mechanisms based on the responsibility for the decision, at its own choice in favor of one or the other for the future themselves and their own children.

Now, going into the emotions and routine daily tasks, we did not bring this great value. Because now we have the political field some emotions, stress, and nothing constructive. In this state (and in my opinion this is the state of most of our people), you will not make a good choice. Plus technology plus the manipulators and dummies of different colors, just rocking the situation. You need to calm down and sober make their own choices, listening only to himself, believing only in myself.

There is one true sentence: "The people deserve the authority which chooses." And if each one of us will make their own choice, without succumbing to the numerous provocations and not become a puppet in the hands of spin doctors, it will be a conscientious choice.

I'll do exactly that.

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