Construction of the underground storage of carbon dioxide lead to earthquakes

Storing large amounts of carbon dioxide underground in order to fight global warming could cause earthquakes.

They are unlikely to be powerful enough to cause damage to people and their property, but the tank with gas, there is a serious problem, says Mark Zobak from Stanford University (USA).

The fact that the store will inevitably cross the region in fragile ("pre-emergency") tectonic equilibrium, which, of course, be broken. Earthquakes in these areas still happen someday, just bring them to human intervention. Consequently, this will lead to the fact that the tank leaks hurt.

The only acceptable candidate for the storage specialist calls saline aquifers, located at a depth of two to three kilometers. First, it is far enough away from the biosphere, and secondly, the salt water there is still not advisable to raise to the surface. And most importantly — these formations tend to have a relatively high density and low permeability. That's why they can pump gas under high pressure without fear of earthquakes.

But this does not solve the main problem of this approach. To contribute to the reduction was significant, it is necessary to pump into the ground as much natural gas as the oil and gas industry has time to produce fuel. Need to build thousands of tanks around the world. Think about how many wells and pipelines, what infrastructure was created in the oil and gas industry over the last hundred years, he says. Just imagine all of this scale. That's what should be project-mongers …


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