Courage: Returning from hell

October 3 — Day riot in Russia

Vyacheslav Vorobyov
Hero of Russia

Vyacheslav Vorobyov was born May 29, 1984 in Belgorod. In 2002, after graduating from a vocational school number 5 drafted into the Russian army. Military service was held in the special forces "Russia" Russian Interior Ministry troops. Spent 14 months on business trips in the North Caucasus region on the gunner positions and arrow. May 7, 2004 executed regulations on the right to wear maroon beret. After the transfer to the reserve enlisted for service in the riot at the Internal Affairs Directorate in Belgorod region for the post of police officer-soldier. Repeatedly left in the unit on business trips to the territory of the North Caucasus region. For his heroism, bravery, selflessness and bravery by the Decree of the President of Russia on March 30, 2009 the senior sergeant of militia Vyacheslav Vorobyov was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation. 

At first, that the special operation was not unlike a dozen others, which involved senior police sergeant Vyacheslav Vorobyov. It was the planned work of the Belgorod riot police in the North Caucasus region. Based in Ingushetia, in the village of Ordzhonikidze, on the border with Chechnya. Worked at specific addresses, took armed bandits.
And the night before everything was as usual. Summed up, and the commander of the task set for the next day. The only thing that was a little surprised, because this is part of planned capabilities — the Belgorod riot police had to go out to the undercover colleagues still two riot police and a SWAT. Just had to use a special operation for nearly one hundred people plus several armored vehicles and "Ural".
What made Vyacheslav go to this trip — out of turn, not your shift — hard to say. Just wanted to. Felt a strong inner call. This is the same …
He returned after three months of summer Ingush, rested and was asked again to the North Caucasus. For the fifth time in the last three years.
Never mind that with another platoon. In OMONe all friends. Comrades. Bro …
And … maybe it's called a succinct and mysterious word — "fate"?

We left at dawn on February 12, when the prolonged winter night struggled to cross dank morning.
Mansion, which allegedly hiding bandits, located in the new district of Nazran at the intersection of two streets, and markedly different from its neighbors. The four-whacker, soundly built of bricks and surrounded with four-meter — no less! — Also a brick, wall, is associated with the impregnable medieval castle. Who would have known how close are these associations to real life! ..
The house was blocked. No motion in the windows was not seen. From the courtyard could not hear any noise.
— Open up, police! — The commander of a fist knocked withdraw the heavy metal gate rumble.
Once again, his fist on goal. Again, metallic hum. Silence. Sinister …

The man never thinks about what makes a heroic act. This is only a literary hero could say that today he is scheduled feat. A man in uniform — be it military or police — just doing his job. Complicated, scary, hard. A real man.
It then can it be called a feat …

— We work! ..
The assault group, hiding behind shields, began to climb the stairs oversight of the fence. The first was Sgt Vorobyov. He has been tasked to enter the courtyard and open the door from the inside.
After rising to the top of the fence, Vyacheslav looked and did not notice anything suspicious and portends danger, jumped to the ground. The boys were left to cover it. Top.
On the large yard and garage located some more outbuildings. A few meters from the house, in front of the entrance gate, close to the fence, it was large and, apparently, a Mighty carport, fenced off from the yard brick wall more than a meter in height.
After forty minutes long bloody battle just this wall will save the life of a twenty-four Belgorodskomu of riot police …

Vyacheslav rounded the corner of the mansion and was between the wall of the house and carport. A few yards away, he saw two armed men. In the hands of one of them was a machine in the hands of another — a grenade launcher. Without thinking, Vyacheslav fired a long burst.
Hearing the shots, the policemen did not come to the line of fire fighters that they are, in fact, saved. They regrouped and took the best firing positions.

Firing back, Slava began to retreat towards the canopy.
It took only a few seconds. Suddenly, from the windows of the house on the riot police hit barrage. He was so dense that Vorobyov could not even estimate how many people are in the house.
Vyacheslav ran into a brick wall for shelter and tried to radio to get in touch with the commander. At this point, he received his first wound. Sparrows reported the situation and began to adjust the fire that riot police were on the house from the street.

The second was shot in the right arm. Third — in the left leg. Then — in the stomach. I was surprised to Slava realized that it was only the first painful wound. And all the others he simply stated, without feeling pain. Apparently, the body originally responded to the situation. Not dim, but just drown out all the feelings and pain.

Fight meanwhile took an increasingly fierce. Militants fired from a grenade launcher on goal. However, their sash is not broken, but only slightly parted. Through the formed opening they began to fire at the APC. From the windows of the house were flying grenades. And the rain was pouring deadly lead. It seemed that spits fire every window …
Another bullet — the fifth? tenth? Vyacheslav already lost count … and immediately could not walk. He dropped like a stone wall for the carport and could no longer stand up.
Thoughts of death, he did not have, even when he was lying severely wounded, bleeding, and an old woman with a scythe standing literally shoulder primerivayas when the final blow. He could feel her icy breath. But he believed that it was not the time …
And suddenly I heard a loud explosion Vyacheslav. He did not see it because it was lying with his eyes closed, not for a moment losing consciousness.
Adventure, felt the hopelessness of their situation, have set in motion a powerful explosive device. The blast wave passed right over the wall, behind which there was Vyacheslav and covered his brick and concrete rubble more than a meter thick.
And then the glory of his companions heard a voice …

As it turned out, was stored in the basement of a large quantity of explosives — there was a mini-factory for the production of explosives. Under the rubble of experts found four barrels of components for the production of explosives. If they had detonated, it would have died a half-Nazran.
It was one of the North Caucasus "laboratories of death", which guarded the six suicide bombers headed by Mustafa Malgobek gang.

Doctors have counted on the body of Vyacheslav sixteen penetrating gunshot wounds. Several of them — according to the canons of medicine (!) Would have to be fatal. Plus a severe concussion.
People in white coats shrugged: that the patient survived,
it was a miracle …
Or maybe it's a miracle they have created? ..

Vyacheslav now on the mend. Ahead of a long process of rehabilitation to learn to walk again. Behind the main thing — he stayed alive to spite all deaths.
By the end of our conversation, which took place in the House of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Main Clinical Hospital of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, I asked if he planned to return to duty.
Vyacheslav like waiting for this question, answered immediately, without hesitation:
— Of course! I want to serve, and I will! ..

Here's a he, a simple guy Belgorod Vyacheslav Vorobyov, received its baptism of fire quenching and the detachment of special purpose "Rus" and accomplished the feat in the special police detachment.
Health to you, glory, happiness and good luck! Ahead of your whole life.
And do not you take courage …


Tatiana Vorobyov, the wife of Vyacheslav Vorobyov: "Now, of course, paramount — to recover. Fully recovered. Later, of course — children. Lots of kids."

Especially because now there's a place to live big family. In his native Russia Belgorod Hero handed the keys to the two-bedroom apartment. On the day of birth was given a car. But most importantly, do not forget his friends. They try to do everything to fame is not kept to himself and the four walls. However, the co-workers themselves admit — our hero is not threatened. Not a man he is.

Vyacheslav Vorobyov — still fighter of special police. Here are all waiting when he returns to work. In his kafchike and now hangs clothing in which the Glory removed from the rubble. In it — the marks of bullets. Doctors have counted on the body of Fame 16 bullet wounds.

Tatiana Vorobyov, the wife of Vyacheslav Vorobyov: "It does not give people these circumstances. Goes ahead. Therefore 100% all believe and know that this man will stand the tests and pass them on their victory."

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