Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The Ninth Day

May 12 in Minsk in court Partyzansky continued proceedings against Andrei Sannikov, Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanava andVladimir Eremenko. Judge Natalia Chatsvertakova.

18:34 Break 10:00 on May 13. The judge said that the investigation is completed, the parties were preparing for disputes.

18:24 Counsel requests to adduce material relating to a person Sannikov. Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not find any documents. The lawyer read out the characteristics of foreign diplomats and MPs. They say that Sannikov should justify the accusations are groundless. The Court has attached documents to the case.

18:10 The Court has attached the answers of the cafe. Lawyer requests that video where there are fragments, exempt the investigation. There Sannikov says peaceful protest. Rymashevski trying to alienate anyone who beats the glass. The court refused.

18:00 Lawyer demands voiced in some cafes, whether their activities are disrupted December 19 in connection with the action. "Beze", "London", "Francis I", "Old Minsk", "Goodwin", "Stove-shop", "Planet Sushi" say that the work has not been compromised. The answer is "McDonald's" — with the same content. It requests that this is the case. "McDonald's" no one makes a claim on the fact that closed earlier.

17:54 Sannikov asks again break. The court again refused. From the hall replica — open a window even in the room, so could not breathe.

17:50 Counsel requests seek records of surveillance cameras to see how started to smash windows, how many people were in the area and that was in the square after the crackdown. The court rejected the petition.

17:40 The lawyer asks to call and question the head of the investigation department of the preliminary investigation. Or to be made to determine the number of people in the square? Varashkevich lawyer says we should listen to his opinion about the total number of people and the number of those who were involved in illegal activities in front of the Government House.

17:39 The Court decided to reject the application, as stated in the help that he can attend the meeting and to have the drug. Sannikov explains the specifics of KGB prison — that health workers are not free to write your opinion.

17:37 Sannikov requested adjournment due to a health condition, the more he talked about it. The lawyer gave a certificate of outstanding Sannikov to doctors. Now Sannikov intercession.

Counsel requests to adduce the OSCE report on the progress of the election. One of the defendants, said he was ill. But the process is still ongoing. The lawyer said that this document confirms the ODIHR statement Sannikov of undemocratic elections, so it is not a far-fetched claim, as stated in the indictment.

The court granted the request that the interim report of the OSCE connected to the case and to conduct its inspection.

The lawyer continues to insist that the court summoned Kanpatskaga and more representative of the "McDonald's". The Court re not happy with this petition, as discussed completion of the investigation without witnesses.

17:21 The lawyer asks to call and question the court Irina Khalip and Dmitry Bondarenko. The court rejected the petition.

17:20 The court decided not to attach the phone Kuchko and his photography. Dismissed the petition.

17:00 The lawyer asks questions of the witness Peter Kuchko who photographed phone platform at the Government House. Seeks to adduce the phone and do a review of images that are relevant to the case. The Court went addressed. Adjourned.

16:55 The court admitted the performance of educational institutions and the ruling that exploded served a sentence for his participation in the square.

16:52 The witnesses did not appear in court. The court decided to end the investigation without witnesses. Although the lawyer demanded to question some witnesses — of the Administration of the President, the representative of the "McDonald's", the bus driver Konopatskaya. However, the court refused.

16:37 Break for 5 minutes.

16:35 Journalists are forbidden to feed notebook batteries. In this case, refer to the Decree of the President of the economy.

16:30 Explore notebook Eremenko, where the chronology of actions before December 19 and later.

The lawyer said that in this blog pointed out that it was a peaceful demonstration.

Buying a sledgehammer to a peaceful protest, said the prosecutor. But the lawyer denies it.

15.53-16.26 Sannikov tells of torture in the KGB detention center:

Put on the stretch. In a cold room can hold for a long time, forced to squat, although I said that I injured leg. It was not working. Then allow to get dressed. And this is happening in the presence of masked men who shake in the wall, screaming inhuman voices.

I was denied the right to communicate in writing within a month. Did not get a letter from home.

People in masks, which were well-trained and psychological pressure shouting and crashing, lets kick to the shin.

I was always led in handcuffs, and can be driven in different ways in handcuffs. Showed ill-treatment. I make this statement now, as the prosecutor have questions about testimony during questioning. I wrote in the KGB prison of torture and got for it.

I was in a cattle state under the bunks, with a bad feeling sore foot.

The inmates prepared to advise the other candidates who wrote Lukashenko.

When I was accused, I learned that somewhere near the camera is my wife.

I learned that my son wanted to kidnap him.

I was told if I wanted to help his wife, he must give the necessary evidence.

I took a forced conversation with the chairman of the KGB Zaitsev, who threatened the lives and health of my wife and child.

When I refused to confirm the lie that I was offered, Zaitsev told me that to my wife and child will be taken more stringent measures.

I'm confused by this, because the man on such a position should not sound like a crime boss. I took seriously the words and realized that actually depends on me life wife and son because his wife was in the prison.

Then they began to work detective Fetisov, who according to the published Zaitsev themes preparing me for interrogation, said he is interested in what topics: financing, contacts with foreigners. Prior to the first interrogation was agreed, how should I highlight certain topics.

Fetisov had come to make sure I'm going to give the necessary evidence. A detailed plan for my interrogation. He warned that the references to the Constitution, which I refuse testimony will not be taken.

I have a very sick liver before the first interrogation. But I am afraid that I can not testify to help his wife. I was denied the defense.

For the first time on March 22 alone I was able to meet with a lawyer.

Even my requirements to provide me with the documents, the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were not granted.

Lawyer during questioning given the role of an extra. Forbidden even to look for a lawyer. In all interrogations I had a bad feeling, but I did not refuse to testify.
During all interrogations was a physical and psychological pressure.

I was completely isolated from the media. I still do not get the newspapers that I want.

Forced to look charnasotnitskiya anti-Semitic films.

Head of the KGB prison also conducted a forced conversation.

So I am making this statement and say that the evidence which gave the interrogations, not entirely true.

So I said, the willingness to testify in court.

Judge: We are interested in evidence about the Square.

Sannikov says that the investigator showed the wording of answers. Allowed rudeness. Therefore, in some places could not match reality.

Sannikov said that he did try to stop the beating of glass in the Government House, and called it a provocation and urged not to give in to her.

He asked not to resist the police. Do not do violence. Went to the podium to say about it.

Also explained why he called Red Church to go in the direction of the Government House: after area near a church may not be suitable for political activities.

From the podium he urged everyone to go to the talks in the Government House. He said that he will go to the candidates.

The prosecutor pointed out the contradictions in the testimony that Sannikov gave during interrogation.

In this regard, Sannikov said that should be considered correct testimony he gave in court today. After all, others have been given under duress and torture. He wrote about this in a statement the head of the KGB detention center.

"They put me badly beaten. Not allowed to leave the toilet. Placed in a cell with no space. Although I was a bad leg.

It was cold. Ordered to lie face to the light of day. When turned, forced to lie in the same position.

After the statement was moved to another cell.

Again were inconvenienced. Used personal inspection procedure. If forced to go with all things, including the mattress.

In prison there were people in masks. Well prepared to handle the "political."

15:00 The judge granted the motion. In order to protect the secrecy, leaving that Sannikov "against", the materials will dasledavatstsa in a closed process.

Comment human rights activist Yelena Tonkacheva:

"It is a shock that sensational reportage Bones Lashkevich, which is not true, is the basis for the charges. Correspondent live conveyed information that does not correspond to reality. He said that people allegedly entered the Government House, and that this allegedly stopped the peaceful nature of the action . As alleged thousands of people came to the Government House. This shows how important responsible and scrupulous behavior of the press, especially with the availability of hot events, "- said Tonkacheva correspondent of" Freedom. "

14:56 The prosecutor read out the volume number 7 minutes listening to the talks. It proposes to consider in a closed process. Sannikov categorically against such listening. The judge went to make a decision. Break.

14:51The video: Now we'll go to the talks in Government House, support us.

Report of Russian TV channel. Reporters passes from the area.

The lawyer said that he saw "aggressive", as written in the report. People just shout.

View next Footage.

14:47 The Prosecutor further voiced protocol is number 7. There is also video files. Reporting the assault. Sannikov and Khalip are included in the Government House. Candidates' speeches. Sannikov near the monument to Lenin. At the entrance to Government House. Sannikov and Khalip near the Government House, and others. Viewing.

14:40 Prosecutor says the episode when DPS officer asks, "Do you understand what you're doing?"

Sannikov said that I understand. Like, this episode is reflected correctly.

Sannikov explains: My wife and I came up with courtesy, as people have already gone. Perhaps the word "Yes, I understand," refers to what happened. A large number of people and the candidates were already moving to the Independence Square and we went to talk with the staff of DPS. Out of courtesy.

Counsel notes that the footage confirms that the candidates did not go ahead of the column.

It also requests the repeat viewing of the episode, where Sannikov talking with an employee of DPS.

14:33 Another video: Again, events in the area. Chanting "Homeland, freedom, down with Luke-freak!". "Long live Belarus!".

Police officer: Remove people do not endanger, remove them to the pavement.

Voice Statkievich: We love you, we'll go through and all the people let go.

Moustache police: The person you are defending is not worthy of it. Do not push.

Policeman: My job — to ensure traffic safety.

14:30In pictures — again the events in the square. Heard the slogans: "We believe we can, win." "Long live Belarus!". Recurring events and statements that have been in other commercials. Again they say about beating Neklyaeva. Someone said that we demand an investigation beating Neklyaeva.

"Well, it's time to replace bald tire?"

Demonstrators chant: "bald tire" This ends the next video.

14:10 The prosecutor read out a number of quotations from Sannikov, Statkevich, Uss, Rymasheuski and others in the next video.

One of the quotes: "bald tire? Bald tire. "

These candidates with a policeman, asked to pass the column on the pavement.

Sannikov stood watching while standing.

14:04 The process resumed. Sannikov before the start of the process asked the judge to consider his health problems, that it is difficult to work under pressure, especially after 17 hours. He says he does not want to file a petition, but urges the Court to humanity, because he too is interested that the process is not interrupted, therefore asks that the state of health.

12:55 adjourned until 14.00.

12:55 Lawyer Varvashevich says that we'll see how rassyakaetstsa people in the area. Outgoing people who are near the monument to Lenin. The second row of special forces behind the monument. And that is cut off most of the people. The main part of the meeting will not be dangerous. This confirms that the majority of people had peaceful intentions. Candidates are allowed to safely leave the area. So they do not pose any danger, said the lawyer.

12:50 granted the lawyer Kowalewski.

Lawyer gives his comment that the story "Riots". She notes the lack urged citizens, candidates for arson, armed resistance to the authorities.

Absence in the hands of protesters some suspicious items mantsirovak, ice ax, sticks, cans, etc. At the time of finding staff in black uniforms are no signs of active resistance to the citizens or break the cordon or armed resistance to the authorities.

On the steps of Government House no sticks, ice ax, axes. From OMON men are at a distance of 15-20 meters, they do not have any items. Visible police officers who do not do any measures to prevent acts of hooliganism on the steps of Government House. In the video, hear the appeals of candidates. Any appeals to the assault — a provocation intelligence services do not fall for provocations. Also, there have been calls: we're waiting here. Bring tents, thermoses, we're staying.

12:20 View the following video. Again, speaking in the square, some parts are repeated.

We in the audience the impression that the different pieces of video zmantazhavanyya in one video clip.

Again heard the sound of breaking glass, at the same time someone is trying to stop the video and said: "Do not!"

Movies are usually constructed as follows: candidates' speeches, smashing windows.

Counsel requests an examination for the presence of the roller assembly, as Sannikov the illusion of presence at the Government House, although the witnesses, he departed, and he was not there.

The prosecutor said that such a petition has already been considered. The judge announced a break and went to make a decision.

12:15 The voice on the video: Here come civilians, police officers do not make orders that are contrary to law. Do not give in to provocations. Do not touch the police! Peaceful demonstration. Do not beat peaceful demonstrators, commander of the riot police, come to negotiate. Stop the massacre of innocent people.

In the video — dispersal action. The calls: "We are staying, the police and the people!"

She could hear people screaming.

12:05 Again, show episodes on the Independence Square.

Any appeals to storm the Government House — a provocation intelligence, says in the video Rymashevski.

Kastusyou acts: those bastards raised their hands to the presidential candidates, we must get at the truth, and until we get a win, do not have to leave.

12:00 The court rejected the petition drive to make an examination for the presence of a video installation and determine the number of people who were shooting.

11:40 The representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, which was on the process, during the process had gone, but he left his phone in the hall on the bench. It said Tonkacheva and asked the police to remove it.

Telephone removed.

11:30Lawyer: Sannikov is at a distance of 15 meters from the Government House, and there is no action. Then there are mounting signs that beats the glass and creates the illusion that Sannikov is nearby. It is an illusion installation. I declare the petition to respect this record was held forensics, there are any signs of installation.

Prosecutor says that on December 19 was cold and it was recommended to disable and turn off the equipment.

Nowhere is it written that it's taken a single operator, the lawyer said.

Lawyer asks to make the analysis done if these pictures with a video camera. The court adjourned to rule on the petition.

11:26 The lawyer said that the pictures are signs mounting, some scenes cut out. So you can not take the call Sannikov near the Red Church to move towards the Government House, as a call for an assault.

11:23 Show great piece on the events on the porch of the Government House.

11:20 Kaljakin says in the video that there is no fair counting of votes. We argue that Lukashenko did not win and can not be prezydentam.Tamu second round, or he usurper of power. We need to break the ice dictatorship, says Kaljakin on Independence Square. Sannikov said in the video that will go to the talks in the Government House.

This is said by the other candidates. They are asking for help from members Plaza.

In the video, heard the sound of breaking glass.

11:10 Rymashevski says in the video, that brutally beaten Nekljaev until the election results are not known. You can not recognize these elections as legitimate.

Almost coup, usurpation of power, we are calling on the negotiations senior management, Ministry of Internal Affairs. Prosecutor says Rymashevski on video. No power scenarios are not provided, the power of action will be.

10:58 Sannikov said the information came that the Palace of Trade Unions is a large number of special forces, who are ready to start the rout of the peaceful protest. In the square there was enough space. On the part of Alexander's square was a large number of people. They wanted to join the action, and have not been able to be. On the street near the palace Kupala and there were a large number of special equipment. We already went over the people who went to the other side, Sannikov said.

Continues to view the video.

10.55 In the video, the movement of the column on Independence Avenue.

The judge asked for clarification on what was right to move from October Square to Independence Square.

Sannikov says of the clips can be seen that there was a plan, candidates voiced different approaches and scenarios. He said that at the Independence Square appeared not in the forefront. The motives were moving — it was suggested by someone, and the area voted. And it was the will of the participants Square. Factors affecting — the inability to be on October Square in such a huge number of people, as an ice skating rink and the police did not take any measures to ensure safety. The authorities knew in advance that on October Square and meet a lot of people have not made any arrangements for security. The second factor — the loud disco in the square. The third — the people who came from the street Engels saw that the area was filled in and went to Independence Square. The lack of security in the area and the location was the main motive for moving.

10:30 The monitor is set so that it sees the video can not be in the hall.

10:20 Counsel notes that the protocol recorded the words: "Stop everything!". Also, what Sannikov, a few meters from the entrance to Government House. Video is cut off and there are not reflected the actions that he does next. He says that he was trying to prevent further unrest. Limited indictments stories do not add objectivity, the lawyer said. We must look not only that the accused, but also the fact that justifies the lawyer said. We can not even define what an episode. The court decided to watch videos in full.

We decided to look in chronological order. Look for new ways.

10:15In the video — it Khalip with the traffic police.

Sannikov said, let's go to the talks in the Government House.

Sannikov on the porch of the Government House, no phrase does not say.

Sannikov and Khalip approach to Government House. Sannikov not say any phrases. When he goes back to the porch heard the sound of breaking glass.

10:12 Before starting the process some of the defendants in the cell viewed newspaper "Narodnaya Volya".

Hall is half empty. With defenders — Elena Tonkacheva. Attended by relatives of the defendants.

The prosecutor read out the quotes that the charges recorded in the minutes.

10:05 The process resumed. Continue to watch discs.

Courts for Square

• Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym and Eremenko. First Day
• Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym and Eremenko. Day Two
• Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The third day
• Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The fourth day
• Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The fifth day
• Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The
sixth day
• Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The seventh day
Court of Justice against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The eighth day

Vladimir Eremenok

Born in Miory. Entered Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics. At the time of his arrest was a student of 2nd year.

Member of the "Young Front". Member of the Plaza in 2010. Detained by the security services December 20, 2010 after a picket of solidarity with political prisoners in front of the Government House.

For this he was sentenced to 15 days in jail, which he served in Zhodino jail. Upon leaving there was called as a witness for questioning by the KGB, which ended 7-night arrest for Akrestin.

January 28 arrested for the third time, this time as a suspect in the case of the riots. Is in custody in the KGB prison. Charged with criminal article "Riots".

Ilya Vasilevich

Born in 1991 Baranovichi.

Entered Minsk Polytechnic College. Excellent student, was the head of the group.

Ilya served 10 days in jail for taking part in a protest on December 19 and was allowed to go home. He reported that the administration of the Minsk Polytechnic College excludes it from the school.

5 January a young man was invited to the college administration for signing the relevant papers, but in an educational institution Elijah waited KGB officers who had arrested a young man for investigation of the criminal case.

Oleg Hnedchyk
He was born in 1986. Member of the "Young Front".

In 2003-2005. detained by the police and sentenced to administrative arrests. In July 2003, a juvenile was arrested for distribution of information materials "MF" in Minsk.

In 2006 he was sentenced to 12 days in jail for taking part in the camp.
Detained on January 6. Until January 9, was in custody and was released. March 25 accused of involvement in the riots. Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Fedor Mirzayanav

Born in 1990 in Baranavichy. In 2008 he enrolled in the Faculty of Management of the Belarusian State Economic University with a degree of "economic kibernetyka."

During the election campaign was in command of the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk.

After the events of December 19 served 15 days in jail in a detention facility Zhodino.

After the arrest of 25 January 2011 he was charged with involvement in the mass byspadarkah. Contained in prison Valadarski Street.

Andrei Sannikov

Born in Minsk on March 8, 1954. He graduated from the Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in Moscow. Fluent in four languages. Work for the Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the UN Secretariat in New York, was an adviser Mission of the Republic of Belarus in Switzerland.

In1995-1996 years. — Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. Left that post in November 1996 in protest against the referendum. In November 1997, he became the founder and international coordinator of the civil initiative "Charter 97".

In 2008 he initiated the civil campaign "European Belarus".

Awarded to Kreisky in the protection of human rights (2005).

The presidential candidate of the Republic of Belarus in the elections in 2010.


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