Curse of the Mummy

January 28, 2012 18:55

Can the living dead revenge for what they have disturbed their ashes? "Of course not!" — Immediately exclaim skeptic. Okay, we'd better ask this question at the end. Perhaps, then, some are not so sure of the answer.

22 victims of Tutankhamun

Perhaps the need to start with the most famous and mysterious case a dead alive — with a curse of Tutankhamen. The tomb of the young Egyptian ruler found November 26, 1922 a British expedition led by Egyptologist Howard Carter and amateur archaeologist Lord Carnarvon.

This proved to be one of the few not looted tombs found in the Valley of the Kings. Inside the tomb, researchers found great treasures of ancient Egypt, as well as the golden sarcophagus with himself pharaoh.

In the burial chamber of Tutankhamun researchers entered February 13, 1923. On this day there was a symbolic event: Carter swallowed the canary Cobra (as we know, this snake was a symbol of the power of the Egyptians and even crowned hats themselves Pharaohs). It was said that the members of the expedition received another warning not to touch the remains of the ancient Egyptian ruler — ostensibly over the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, they saw the inscription: "Death does not slow dawn on their wings all who enter this sacred tomb." True, since the inscription was not anyone in the eyes pop and we can not say for sure whether it was in fact. But a series of disasters struck the archaeologists — a historical fact.

Less than two months since the tomb opened Tutanhamo-on, and there was the first mysterious death — April 5, in a Cairo hotel "Continental" Lord Carnarvon died suddenly. According to one version, the death was caused by pneumonia, girlfriend — from the bite of a mosquito, the third — from blood poisoning. It is noteworthy that at the time of the death of Lord all over Cairo, the lights went out (for unexplained reasons, there was a power outage). There were also rumors that the same day in England, and died dog howled Carnarvon. Upon learning of the death of the Lord, his friend George American Gold rushed to the Valley of Kings and carefully examined the tomb, apparently hoping to find some explanation of the tragedy, but by night he himself suddenly developed fever, and by the evening of the next day he died.

The tabloid press immediately the news spread about the curse of the pharaoh, which overtakes all somehow involved in the desecration of ancient graves. This news fueled by ever new situations: in a coma and died Arthur Mace — an archaeologist, who took part in the opening of the tomb, died Archibald Reed, X-rays are mummies, death claimed looked around burial industrialist Joel Wolfe. In 1929 he died from the bite of a mosquito widow of Lord Carnarvon and Carter's personal secretary, Richard Batello. For 15 years, the victims of the curse were 22 people, 13 of them directly present at the opening of the tomb. True, for some unknown reason the curse did not affect Howard Carter, who first stepped into the hapless tomb.

Priestess, Utopia "Titanic"

And this is not the only case where the dead disturbed killing people. Also in Egypt for 32 years before the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun German professor Søren Rezden found in the Valley of the Kings burial of a temple scribe Sennar. Scientist in the tomb met warning to disturb the ashes "absorb all the sand before the moon twice change its face." Despite this, Professor excavated. But soon after Rezden sailed from Egypt, he was found dead in the cabin of a ship. As stated the ship's doctor, had died from suffocation. And the signs of violence were found. In the fist dead archaeologist was trapped a handful of sand.

Around the same period, five Arabs found the tomb at Thebes priestess of Amun-Ra, who lived about four thousand years ago. And immediately began the events that nothing other than a curse can not explain. Arabs sold the sarcophagus with the mummy of the British, but were unable to divide profits, blows and died from his wounds. Did not escape the troubles and buyers remains priestess. The new owner accidentally scratched on the sarcophagus, and then he began to have a blood infection, and the hand had to be amputated. His assistants and does overtook death: the first shot soon, the second died of a fever, and the third hit by the cart. Adversity happens to all those who in one way or another had to deal with the mummy: from researchers, journalists, photographers, even with the sarcophagus transported loaders. In 1889, the remains were in the ill-fated Egyptian room of the British Museum, and immediately on his administration to a barrage of indignant letters to visitors. People fainted in front of the sarcophagus, after a visit to the Egyptian halls begin to pursue their various troubles. Revolted even the guards of the museum — they refused to enter the room, they were afraid to look at the sarcophagus. In 1912, the museum was finally decided to get rid of the mummy and sold it to some American billionaire. But on the way to America, carrying the remains of an Egyptian priestess ship sank.

And the death of the famous "Titanic" wreck April 14, 1912, accused of a mummy. The fact that the board "unsinkable" decided to carry the embalmed remains of Egyptian soothsayer times Amenophis IV. Of course, no one has given meaning to the phrase engraved on the mummy lying under the head figure of Osiris: "Arise from the dust, and your eyes will crush all who stand in your way." The cargo was so valuable that it decided not to remove the hold and placed directly behind the bridge. How did the first and only flight of "Titanic," everyone knows.


But not only the famous Egyptian mummies able to avenge those who disturbs their peace. For example, in 1973 in Krakow, the researchers examined the tomb of the Polish king Casimir Jagiellonian IV, who ruled in the XV century. Soon after opening the tomb 12 of 14 scientists looked around her mysteriously died.

September 19, 1991 German climbers — spouses Helmut and Erika Simon — while climbing the Alpine lednikSimiluan (border of Italy and Austria) came across a corpse frozen in the ice man. First, they decided that they face in the remains of the missing places in 1938 professor of Verona. But when the researchers examined the find, it became clear that in fact it is perfectly preserved in the ice mummy Bronze Age warrior, who died about five thousand years ago. Shortly after the body Iceman (or Oetzi, as it was called scientists) was pulled from his icy grave, began a series of unexplained deaths. First, the plane crashed, which flew explore ancient warrior forensic scientist Rainer Henn. Soon after, an avalanche killed rescuer Kurt Fritz, who helped retrieve the body of Ötzi ice. Died of a brain tumor the journalist who wrote the article about the ice man. Finally broke a 100-meter cliff Helmut Simon discovered the remains.

Princess Ukok

Here's another case. In 1993, the Altai plateau Ukok female mummy discovered, buried about two and a half thousand years ago. Scientists gave her codename Princess Ukok, although, judging by the clothes and tattoos, women are more likely was a shaman. The find was moved to study in Novosibirsk. Long time no trouble occurred. Mystical same event began exactly 10 years after it was disturbed by an ancient tomb. In September 2003, a terrible earthquake shook the Altai, the epicenter of which coincided with the very place where the ashes of shamans. The earthquake was so powerful that the nearby village Beltir was destroyed to the ground. Thereafter, the Republic swamped new troubles: wrong set of floods, dramatically increased the number of suicides. Altai believe that all these troubles will end only after the mummy shaman return home.

Well, how can you avenge the dead alive for what they have disturbed their ashes? "To everything there is a scientific explanation" — cry all the same skeptic. Maybe so. If you have something to argue, be happy to hear your opinion.

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