Customers in the Internet cafe becomes much less

Virtually all of Minsk public access points to the network has ads that warn users that access the Internet only if you have a passport or other identity document.

Employees of Internet cafes apologize to visitors, while also facing difficulties in translation. Many of the foreigners who come to check email or read the news, it is necessary to explain in detail the grounds on which they are asked to show documents. Immediately translated into English alerts that warn of the coming into force of the decree number 60.

In a private Internet cafes have even been asked to help with the translation. It was impossible to refuse.

Valentine, Director of one of the internet cafes in the center of Minsk, said that already felt the outflow of visitors:

"For many visitors is the ad that they saw today was a novelty. Therefore, many who do not have the documents with me, just turn around and leave. Customer becomes less somewhere by two-thirds. "

Valentin believes that fixing the personal data of visitors Internet cafes can not much help law enforcement catch the criminals who commit illegal acts on the Internet.

"For all the time my work here, and it is already 6 years old, only 3 times the police appealed for information on a man who we have here sitting in the internet cafe. That is, cyber-crooks Internet cafes do not enjoy it, hackers, do so that they are not really catch it. "

Cyber-criminals are Internet cafes do not enjoy it, hackers are doing so that they do not catch too much.

However, not all points of public documents require the use of the Internet. In the computer club "Star" at the Minsk railway station, according to employees, you can use the network without proof of identity. Like, there are video cameras, fixing the face of all visitors, and during the year contains information about all the online pages that came with the computer club.

But in the office, "Belposhta", which is on the same station, go on the Internet you can only record its identity. Same — and Main Post Office. Staff rewrite the document number, type, name and surname of the owner. Sometimes people are outraged, but to large scandals are not an issue.

Valentina, employee of the public internet point at Main Post Office:

"The students show a certificate, the other — a passport. Some immediately show and who is undocumented — are a bit indignant and go. Just do not carry with them. "

But he thinks about the decree number 60 student from South Korea Kim Jin Yong, who came to the internet cafe on Independence Square in Minsk:

If I knew this earlier, I would not use the Internet on a computer.

"I can not understand why we have to show a passport in order to use the Internet. In Korea, you can easily go on the internet, everyone has the opportunity. But I immediately asked for a passport, I'm not sure why, they said that there is a law that can not be helped. However, it is in any case difficult to understand. "

If Kim Jin Yong heard that in an internet cafe to keep information about all the pages he has visited, that was even more surprised:

"If I knew this earlier, I would not use the Internet on a computer. I would use vayfay a laptop, it's safer. "



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