Czech Republic will close the site, where the planned U.S. missile defense radar position

Czech Republic will close the landfill, where it was planned to place a U.S. missile defense radarThe Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic will close military ground in Brda, where previously planned to place the radar of the American missile defense system (NMD), and give the area under the jurisdiction of the landfill administrations Surrounding villages Fri Central Bohemian Pilsner and edges to early 2015, Czech Radio reported.

DOD Czech Republic in connection with the reduction of the army no longer needs so great military test sites for the training of the military, said the radio station. The process will be a gradual withdrawal of the labor-intensive, and because the military has yet to clear the ground from the remnants of ammunition.
About the fate of the upcoming landfill Brda Defense Czech Republic Alexandr Vondra wants to hold a series of talks with heads of villages Fri adjacent to it. First meeting with the heads of local authorities is scheduled for August 9.

Care buried a military configuration in the life surrounding villages and hamlets, a significant part of the population which are served by an army infrastructure. This issue is also planned to discuss during meetings of representatives of local administrations with the head of the Czech defense minister.

Earlier, referring to the ability to close the landfill in Brda, Vondra said, "Just there will be no radar (missile defense)."

Czech Defense Minister noted that the number of military sites should be reduced.

"The military polygons have very many. If you look at the total area of all polygons in the Czech Republic, we are in the lead in Europe in terms of the 1st fighter" — said Vondra.

Military training area Brda of 260 square kilometers. Recent years ground was used for the training of NATO "Flying Rhino".

The incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama to the Republican administration of George W. Bush on the pretext of defending Europe against a possible missile attack by implementing the Euro missile defense system meant place interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic. Our home felt like Washington's intentions direct jeopardy of their strategic potential.
Today, President Obama, changing the strategy of defense, has decided to postpone these plans, but did not abandon them completely, which also resulted in not a good reaction from Moscow. In the end, the U.S. did not give up placing ground forces missile defense in Europe, only delaying the start of their deployment until 2015.

Missile defense site, including ground structure will be created by 2020 in four steps. It is understood that before the emergence of the first land-based sites off the coast of Europe on alert will be U.S. Navy ships with interceptor missiles on board.

NATO insists that the project of creation of a missile defense for Europe ("European Missile Defense"), Russia and the alliance have been two are independent but coordinated systems, while Our homeland is in talks with the European members of NATO to develop a common European missile defense system in which could be incorporated anti-missile means NATO and Russia.

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