D.Marplz: The social contract with society Lukashenko blown

In this issue of the Company Eurasia Daily Monitor, David Marples, analyzing the current Situation in Belarus, concludes that "the weakening of control over the fate of Lukashenka their country undermines his notorious" social contract "with society." David Marples leads statement by Belarusian political scientist Vitaly Silitski, which 4 years ago expressed the view that "the real mood of protest and protest potential will appear if a crisis arose existing social contract and, secondly, when discontent and protests will gain not only pragmatic, but also of values."

"In 2007, This situation seemed far away, but is now rapidly approaching reality, "concludes David Marples, listing the factors that may give rise to protests. This is a dying economic policy of Belarus, which requires foreign loans to keep afloat, long queues for food and the currency, the fear brought up before a terrorism sanctions imposed against the regime, the U.S. and the EU (although on a smaller scale) and the extension of the nearest neighbor as a condition of receiving the loan, the right to privatize valuable assets that is, that they were sold directly to Russian companies.

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