Dan Burisch on secret projects and underground bases

September 4, 2012 23:18

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Translator's Note
In an interview with Dan often use the term J-Rod, P +24000, P +45000, P +52000
J-Rod — a group of beings from Orion, claiming that they belong to an alien "bloodline people of the future." In simpler terms, they are our "descendants" who visit us from three time periods:
P +24000: 24.000 years in the future,
P +45000: 45.000 years in the future and
P +52000: 52.000 years in the future. They are also called J-RODS, apparently, because the character that they use to represent themselves, resembles the letter J with a rod or a feature (rod — rod, bar). In Roswell crashed those who came from 24,000 years in the future, they are more like us than the others, which are reminiscent of the "gray".

Those who came from 52,000 years in the future, suffer from "degenerative neuropathy," when the body literally fall apart, including scaly skin. That's why they are called "Reptilians".

"Clean Industry" — a special camera, encouraging environment in which the newcomer could exist.
Watertown — a slang term for a secret base "Area 51".
Dr. Dan Burisch was a senior researcher in charge of the project, the Committee of the Majority and "Majestic" 12 (1986-2003), and only the "Majestic" 12 (2003-2005), before it was lag behind participation in the projects (from 12 October , 2005).

During the Gulf War in 1991, he was sent to the spec. units in the "Green Zone", where the international coalition acted to counter the alleged unauthorized use of military units of biological weapons against the Iraqi army.
Upon his return, he was appointed head of the working group of the project "Aquarius", where he was responsible for leading a group of scientists in the study of nervous diseases in representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations «J-Rod» («redskins"). The study involved a direct interaction with the aliens, processing, evaluating and modifying their tissue samples in order to improve disease.
In the late 90's, Dr. Burisch was convicted and demoted majority committee for its failure to comply with the orders management, but later, in 2006, following the intervention of a secret religious order, founded in France, his academic credentials were restored. In 2005, for a short time, Dr. Burisch was acting member of the "Majestic" 12, and, finally, has been appointed as a representative of the disclosure "for the implementation of aliens time travel."
Dan is known for the project "Mirror" / device to scan the future / in which the device is used by the representative of an alien civilization. This device is primarily intended to locate and open portals for a type of "Stargate» / Stargate / through his ability to bend the space-time continuum.

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