Deceived by science — Cyborgs watch online

Deceived by science - Cyborgs watch online
People aspire to the stars, down to the bottom of the ocean, to conquer the greatest leadership. We are trying to understand the mysteries of the universe, zapamyatyvaya that the main riddle it is — a man.
Of them went to a good family: it restores the frostbitten fingers and bare spends the day in the cold, she dives under the ice and bathed in temperature when the heart stops.
Maybe it people coming with new genes and their absolute health? Indescribable endurance, the gift of prophecy, a phenomenal memory, an enormous muscular strength, able to move from place multi-ton structure. All of this is nestled within each of us.
But is the extraordinary opportunity to bring happiness to their owners.

Science, scientific merit of opening

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