Deputy Minister: Belarus will not allow same-sex marriages

Belarus has no plans to change the legislation regarding permit same-sex marriages. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Peter Grushnik today on-line conference on Web sites and learned ministry, dedicated to the Day family.

Asked about the fact that young people are becoming increasingly popular variety of forms of cohabitation, deputy head of population, gender and family policy of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Marina Artyomenko noted that the country has retained the traditional norms of marriage and family behavior of the population. Most men and women are getting married. According to the census 2009and, 62% of men and 52% of women aged 15 and older living in a marriage.

"At the same time during the decade between the censuses of couples whose marriage is not legally issued, increased from 5% to 8% — said Artyomenko. — The maximum number of unregistered marriages accounted for the age group 18-24 years: 15% of young men and 13% of women live in a marriage, which is called civil. However, against other countries Belarus does not look exceptional. For example, in Sweden, Estonia, the number of civil marriages more than 50%. "

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